Hidden Furniture

Hidden Furniture

Creative space-saving furniture, designed by Orla Reynolds, stays hidden inside the bookcase and comes out only when it is needed.

Four dining chairs and two tables are stored between real bookshelves.

Innovative modern furniture appears when you have guests and then disappears when they leave.

Bookshelves can be arranged in different ways.

“As If from Nowhere…” furniture is perfect for small apartments.

Bookcase Furniture

Modern Furniture

Furniture by Orla Reynolds

Space Saving Furniture

As If From Nowhere Furniture

As If From Nowhere Furniture by Orla Reynolds

Hidden Furniture by Orla Reynolds

Orla Reynolds

Furniture Designer Orla Reynolds

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  1. hosein

    This is a wonderful idea. Best use of available space.

  2. Gopi

    Really Nice Idea

  3. Henri

    Black and White would be awesome!

  4. Chari

    That’s AWESOME! I seriously want one!

  5. Gert

    LOVE it. Where was this when I had a cramped apartment in my 20s?

  6. jacklyn

    it would be better in black white or gray

  7. Pearl Lamie


  8. Swiper Fox

    Nice concept, but using more materials to hide/store the tables and chairs in plain sight.
    Folding tables and chairs can do the same thing.

  9. Brett

    Amazing concept.

  10. Frederick

    Really neat idea! Those chairs look a tad bit uncomfortable, though. And I imagine that this will be expensive D:

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