Steering Wheel Desk

Innovative Steering Wheel Desk

Buddy Desk is an innovative steering wheel desk that can be used as a laptop mount, a lunch table or a writing surface. It easily attaches to your steering wheel and is ready for use in just a few seconds.

Steering Wheel Desk comes with a disclaimer that advises you to only use this desk while your vehicle is parked with the engine turned OFF. [buy]

Notebook Steering Wheel Desk

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Laptop Steering Wheel Table

Steering Wheel Desk Tray

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  1. JAMER

    I looked at the images looking for where it showed how it folded up before I read the disclaimer.

    “Not surprisingly, this product comes with a disclaimer that advises you to only use this desk while your vehicle is parked with the engine turned OFF.”

    I had a good chuckle.

  2. Mika

    Good to see that it looks near impossible to move the steering wheel while that is there to deter exactly ignoring the disclaimer :P

    Would love this on those family vacations where we get fast food and I always have no room to eat and end up getting it all over myself lol

    Like how all these photos are from the same exact car, just switched out the people :P

  3. JAMER


    Kind of cute how we are night owls together, but yes, I did wonder the same thing, do most cars have an opening there or is it just the Chrysler brand, my Toyota Echo does have an applicable spot for it though… Who knows. (reasonable but over use of commas on my part)


  4. tech-mad

    oh my gosh, this is exactly how i used to mug for exams while driving to school – but without the desk, of course…

  5. Zee

    Jeeze. Using this while driving should result in instant jail time.

  6. Karin L Stewart

    Since alot of people use their laptop in their car, this is a good thing. It’s nice you can’t drive while using it! There WOULD be LOTS of accidents. Someone needs to come up with an idea to keep people from texting while driving. Perhaps that is asking too much!

  7. Maksimo

    Thats looks good. And i dont think you’d be able to turn the steering wheel without breaking the table, so thats good i guess.

  8. derschreckliche

    Funny thing, could be useful sometimes – and in future, when you can switch between autopilot and manual mode in cars, everyone will have this thing ;-P

  9. Hsoj Spillihp

    this is probably the worst thing that has ever been posted on toxel… i would expect to see this on an infomercial… maybe it comes with a slap chop.

  10. mostafa

    very creative idea! simple n cool.

  11. Graydian

    i dont think anyone needs this.

  12. Karen

    this would probably be for some one the works a LOT i mean, its not too bad to just have your laptop in your lap… right? but very cool idea, and i like the fact you cant turn the steering wheel when you use it!

  13. seej

    with all the not so bright ones driving out there.that’s just an accident waiting to happen..

  14. kko

    Yeah, not a smart idea. Even if it’s meant for a stationary car, it seems to encourage unsafe driving habits.

  15. delere

    Great. Not only do we have texters to contend with…now this. *rolling eyes*

  16. Jimbo

    Do people not read? Do you even think? There’s absolutely no way to use this and drive.

    ADHD must run rampant… Come on people, how about using some common sense. Get a clue.

  17. Reads

    Some of us do need these and find them very necessary. Any fool who is sanctimonious enough to make fun of a basic, probably required disclaimer, is the same person who drives while stuffing their mouth with food and drinking hot coffee while driving in traffic. Not to mention the phone we all know he has in his hand while making those left hand turns. Who’s the idiot? Not someone who has an honest, useful product and looking out for someones safety.

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