12 Cool and Unusual Refrigerators

12 Cool and Unusual Refrigerators

The most unique and innovative refrigerator designs from all over the world.

Transparent Refrigerator

Unique fridge from Japan allows you to see what is stored inside. [more]

Transparent Refrigerator

Drawer Refrigerator

Norcool fridge lets you organize and cool your food inside drawers.

Drawer Refrigerator

Beer Tap Refrigerator

This awesome fridge comes with built-in draught beer dispenser.

Beer Tap Refrigerator

Outdoor Party Fridge

Perfect refrigerator for your backyard and swimming pool parties.

Outdoor Party Fridge

Car Refrigerator

Modern fridge designed to fit underneath the armrest in the backseat.

Car Refrigerator

Collapsible Refrigerator

In order to save energy, the size of the fridge is optimized according to the amount of food you have inside.

Collapsible Refrigerator

Glass Door Refrigerator

Over-and-under refrigerator / freezer with glass door from Sub-Zero.

Glass Door Refrigerator

R2-D2 Fridge

Creative refrigerator manufactured for Star Wars contest in Japan. [more]

R2-D2 Fridge

Touchscreen Refrigerator

Samsung Zipel fridge comes with WiFi and a touchscreen display that enables consumers to check the latest news and weather forecast.

Touchscreen Refrigerator

Egg Refrigerator

Google branded egg shaped fridge promotes cooler thinking.

Egg Refrigerator

USB Mini Fridge

USB powered refrigerator will cool your beverage on your desk.

USB Mini Fridge

Stackable Refrigerator

Innovative fridge designed by Stefan Buchberger allows each member of your family to have their own refrigerator space. [more]

Stackable Fridge

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  1. Celzn

    I love the idea of the collapsible fridge! :D

  2. psychodork

    The draw fridge and beer tap fridge are pretty awesome. I could definitely imagine using them.

  3. MrMoz

    some of these aren’t that unusual, the transparent door, the drawer, and the touchscreen refrigerator have either been built before r they are natural progressions from actual products.

    I think the collapsible fridge is the most unusual, but I have doubts about how efficient it is; I don’t see any space to have insulation in the walls

  4. mostafa

    i love drawer one. the usb one is cool!

  5. 2LV2

    Beer Tap Fridge!!!!!!!!

  6. Steve

    I like the Google & Transparent fridge….hehe don’t have to open the fridge every time even there’s no food over there. :p

  7. Petra

    I love the Transparent and the Collapsible Refrigerator. Awesome!

  8. Adriana

    I absolutely love the Stackable Refrigerator design created by Stefan Buchberger!

  9. Art of Concept

    Great post! I particularly loved the Egg Refrigerator and the Stackable one. Very creative and unique!

  10. jahoo

    aww… i have just bouth regular fridge, and i could have one of those :(

  11. aziz

    the transparent refrigerator would be an energy hog

  12. MG151

    actually aziz if the materials are as good an insulator as a conventional fridge, it would probably save energy. Since you never have to stand there looking in the fridge to decide what you want, you can just see what’s there without opening the door.

  13. Rob

    I can see issues with the transparent one. Food spoilage with light exposure and radiant heat.

  14. griffton

    I WANT THE MINI USB FRIDGE (Watch movies and have a chill beer ) :D

  15. Kochtopf

    the transparent looks cool but imagen if you EVER spill something besides water is it you will always see it, still I would buy one :3

  16. steve

    Some nice ones but who was it who decided that fridges need TV’s ? Seriously, there’s plenty of fridges already with TV’s but I just don’t know who wants to watch the TV and the fridge at the same time

  17. Niyari

    Steve: Mainly it’s so you can watch the cooking channel.

  18. Raads

    the Beer Tap Refrigerator already exists as does the Car Refrigerator… but i like the drawers one.. easy access to all the food

  19. yomi sopein

    hmm! cool coolers, great design with functionality.
    hope is buyable in local mall?

  20. Christina

    I love the glass door fridge. It saves energy.

  21. Chris

    That stackable fridge is a great idea for people who live with roommates.

  22. rubia

    oh wow i like the drawer, glass door,outdoor, and car refrigerator. cool ideas and practical!

  23. kareem mehdi

    Funny thing is that I’m using an Android tablet and when I saw the Google fridge I started laughing!

  24. CK

    The stackable refridgerator needs to have LOCKS on each door!!

  25. Hufdaddy

    I hear the comments on the transparent fridge. I propose a double door design. Open the first insulating/uv protecting door to see a transparanent door. A window into your fridge.

  26. A bored housewife

    Posted 11/2012
    so my opinions might be a waste or untimely, but hey, I’m a bored housewife. Cut me some slack.

    The totally transparent frig, would require CONSTANT cleaning. No way!

    Beer tap is cool but then your cheap friends would constantly be at YOUR house drinking YOUR beer
    that YOU paid for. As a suggestion to a man with a currently “happy” wife, I’d say this is a PASS unless you want to piss her off every weekend. Not a good idea. If you’re a single dude, go for it?

    Google, USB, R2-D2 and Drawer frig, all boring and/or too small.

    Collapsible, just dumb!

    Wi~fi on your frig… shouldn’t that be WHY? have Wi~Fi on your frig?

    Outdoor frig, kilowatt waster! That is what portable styrofoam coolers are for, eh?

    Stackable, is cool. Peeps with multiple room mates could use that one, except each door needs a key lock to keep food stealers ( You know you’re out there! ) out of other mates edibles.

    Car console frig, I guess it’s cool for you true road warriors.

    I’d say the glass door frig w/ bottom freezer wins my vote. Nice. Sleek. COOL! However, I would have to be able to purchase that for LESS than $2.k USD.

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