15 Cool Designs Inspired by Pac-Man

15 Cool Designs Inspired by Pac-Man

Unusual gadgets and creative product designs inspired by the classic arcade game from the 1980s.

Pac-Man Stapler

A close relative of Pac-Man, the Stap-Man stapler uses those strong jaw muscles to make your office work a breeze.

Pac Man Stapler

Pac-Man Cake

Amazing Pac-Man inspired wedding cake design by Renee White.

Pac Man Cake

Pac-Man Fashion

Pac-Man inspired Spring/Summer 2009 runway show by fashion designer Giles Deacon.

Pac Man Fashion

Pac-Man Energy Drink

Fully licensed energy drinks with Pac-Man graphics on them, found in a Sunrise Record store on Yonge Street in Toronto.

Pac Man Energy Drink

Pac-Man Lampshade

O!CAP is a scented silicon lampshade which uses the temperature generated from the bulb to emit the fragrance.

Pac Man Lamp

Pac-Man Fireplace

Creative modern fireplace design by Markus Grip for Vauni.

Pac Man Fireplace

Ms. Pac-Man Ring

Get Pac-man fever with this cool little ring! Looks great as a pair with the ghost.

Ms Pac Man Rings

Pac-Man Hoodie

Cool hoodie design with Pac-Man maze pattern that goes all the way around the sweatshirt.

Pac Man Hoodie

Pac-Man Motorcycle Helmet

Creative homemade full face helmet that looks just like Pac-Man.

Pac Man Motorcycle Helmet

Pac-Man Roomba

With cleverly placed and wired yellow LEDs, a little white Roomba becomes a flashing, shining Pac-Man.

Pac Man Roomba

Pac-Man Chair

This gaming chair seems like a perfect place to meditate and think how to beat the next level’s boss in your favourite game.

Pac Man Chair

Pac Man Gaming Chair

Crocheted Pac-Man

Handcrafted cute Pac-Man character with full set of ghosts.

Crocheted Pac Man

Pac-Man Seating

Creative Pac-Man inspired seating furniture set by QAYOT.

Pac Man Seating

Pac-Man Pot Holder

Pac-Man is back, and he is ready to gobble up your hot pots. [more]

Pac Man Pot Holder

Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Unique version of Pac-Man arcade game, created with thousands of colored LEDs and placed of a Christmas tree. [more]

Pac Man Christmas Tree

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  1. Sarge

    I absolutely love the pac-man seating!

    The stapler would add an element of fun around the office ;)

  2. sawara

    love pacman seating

  3. Megan

    Love the cake, hoodie and the Christmas tree!

  4. Amanda

    Cool!!!! LOVE THIS!!

  5. Paul Sample

    Pac Man seating and chair are awesome!!!

  6. Mars

    its a pacman Christmas tree

  7. charubhashini

    Oh yeah! I usually love pac-man, but these stuffs are extra-ordinary one and love watching it!


  8. Numanul Subhani

    Pac-Man seating is so cool…!!! Love the chair also…

  9. tech-mad

    i love the fireplace!

  10. squareart

    Very Cool Post! I love the seating, the chair is very cute and the stapler would look fab on my desk!:)

  11. Jef

    want the hoodie.

  12. Trudy

    I want the pacman stapler.

  13. ainkdast

    i want that… :D

  14. Karin Stewart

    Creative adaptation of the “egg” chair to a pac-man design!

  15. Julie

    I’ve seen that hoodie on a lot of folk.. but I want the little crocheted pacman toys! They’re so cute!

  16. Rogerio Fratin

    GREAT selection! I really would like to have that Pac Man sitting!

  17. delere

    PacMan? Are you kidding? Yawn.

  18. N-Designs

    pacman rocks.. :)

  19. Chocko

    I <3 pacman

  20. paige cowan

    I LOVE PAC-MAN!!! <3

  21. Jimbob

    This is amazin’ !!!!!

  22. kill bill fan

    awoseme jacket

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