Nike Shoes Used to Play Music

Nike Shoes Used to Play Music

Hifana, talented Japanese musical duo, was commissioned by Nike to write and perform a live song using flexible running shoes as their instruments.

Accelerometers and sensors were added to make the shoes interactive.

Nike Free Run Shoes

Nike Music Shoes

Music Shoes

Nike Shoes Make Music

Nike Music Sneakers

Music Sneakers

Please note that Nike Free Run+ sneakers sold at retail will NOT make music when bent or twisted.

  1. Rindane

    oh my god absolutely priceless

  2. Julie

    That’s reeeeally cool :)

  3. JK3

    Didn’t think it was possible to have something so cool, pointless and lame all at the same time.

    I thought wrong.

  4. Toasty O's

    Congratulations to those two dudes for being able to get paid for doing something that ridiculous.

  5. timmay

    amazing i reallly like it

  6. JBleezy

    I thought that video was sick!
    I’m an inspiring DJ and I think this is a hugely creative approach to an over-saturated art form.

  7. Saracen

    Awesome, now Nike has a theme song for their sweatshop cruelty and poor liviing conditions put on Indonesians… X/


    Lol that’d be fun xD

  9. vikilife

    Oh my lady gaga

  10. Miya

    Music is music, regardless of how it’s created.

    If Nike wanted a commercial to demonstrate the flexibility of their shoes and these two men enjoy making music, then I think it’s a perfect mix.

  11. dsmith

    Hey, them little kids in other countries should be glad they work in a sweatshop, as least they have a job.

  12. Kratom

    Dj’s today always amaze me!

  13. Sojio

    Ofcourse everything in that video was fake. What could they have in those shoes which could send a signal like that out of a 3.5mm jack?

  14. Papper

    Fake, someone with a minimun comon sense can realize that

  15. Babble

    @Papper- You spelled two simple words wrong in that sentence, and you’re talking about common sense?

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