Wireframe Nike Sneaker

Nike Sneaker Wireframe Sculpture

Benedict Radcliffe has created a wireframe version of a Nike sneaker.

According to the artist, it took 2 months to finish the shoe. Nike Air Max 1 wire sculpture was constructed entirely out of bent steel rods.

Nike Air Max Sculpture

Nike Air Max Wireframe

Nike Wireframe Sneaker

Nike Wire Sculpture

Nike Air Max 1 Sculpture

Nike Wireframe Sculpture

Nike Sneaker Sculpture

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  1. Drew designs

    This is an awesome piece of metal work! The detail, and the paint job. Spectacular!

  2. timmay

    an amazing, beautiful, inspiring sculpture. definitely a piece of art i would want.

  3. Critical Eye

    Very cool. In some pictures it actually looks like a 3D CGI model.

  4. Karen

    coooooool. now imagine if that was a bed, with a mattress in it…

  5. unDave™

    That’s way tooooo much spare time to do that…

    -by unDave™

  6. Den

    Very modern and cool indeed!
    And it’s huge!

  7. Mask

    Karen, I think you’re on to something there.

  8. Youre"Doom"

    Amazing sculpture, wish I would have seen this somewhere on the street rather than on a website.

  9. Kenny Glenn

    super cool

  10. Chad

    I like the view from the top where you can see the laces above and the treads below.

  11. kegan

    We do this as a project at RISD in foundations. on a much smaller scale though.

  12. Cechas

    wery nice, look like drowing

  13. cchana

    awesome sculpture!

  14. Jon Mick

    @undave. the artist was comissioned to do the sculpture by nike. That makes it work and not spare time.

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