Barbie Cafe

Barbie Cafe

The world’s first officially licensed Barbie themed restaurant opened in the downtown of Taipei, Taiwan.

Barbie Cafe invites fans of the iconic fashion doll to spend time in beautiful pink world and enjoy a cup of tea.

Unique restaurant also offers large selection of delicious meals, cupcakes, macaroons, and other Barbie inspired desserts.

Official Barbie Restaurant

Barbie Restaurant in Taipei

Barbie Restaurant

Barbie Themed Cafe

Barbie Inspired Cafe

Barbie Restaurant in Taiwan

Barbie Themed Restaurant

Barbie Inspired Restaurant

Official Barbie Cafe

Taiwan Barbie Cafe

Barbie Food

Taipei Barbie Cafe

Taiwan Barbie Restaurant

Taipei Barbie Restaurant

Barbie Cafe in Taipei

Barbie Fashion

Barbie Cafe in Taiwan

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  1. Sharyn

    Just looking at it makes me feel like I’m at risk of a sugar overdose. But if you were a Barbie fan, I’m sure you’d love it

  2. tonymoly

    i would like to go to with my daughter. she will be happy.

  3. ET


  4. Max

    Barbie themed restaurant with black haired waitresses… yeah…

  5. Chewie

    I’m a bit overwhelmed that it wasn’t opened in USA or somewhere in the west, because ,well Barbie screams of USA culture/girls!, not being typical but I’m happy that it’s opened in this version!:D away from fast foods and into deserts? hmm its a start at least :D

  6. Gert

    Amusing… a bit too pink for me but I’m sure this will be popular.

  7. Ru

    I find this kinda surreal, especially the footage of the chef delicately dotting the Barbie doll cake with dragĂ©es- it makes it look almost like a high class patisserie dessert, but I’ve never seen one outside of a 4 year old’s birthday party!

    Also why Taipei? Are Barbies made in Taiwan?

  8. Karen

    A little too much for me to handle

  9. pwoop

    ugh, ew

  10. Viking

    Yea, sick Asians…

  11. Eastern Spirit

    Blown money

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