Unique Trailer for Serious Campers

Unique Trailer for Serious Campers

Modern tourists want a caravan that is made just for them. Mehrzeller attempts to solve this problem by offering customizable travel trailers.

Each layout is generated by a computer using the input from the customer, then the final design is modified to yield an attractive and practical result.

Mehrzeller Camping Trailer

Mehrzeller Mobile Home

Mehrzeller Caravan

Mehrzeller Travel Trailer


Mehrzeller Trailer

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  2. Pete

    “then the final design is modified to yield an attractive and practical result.”

    For very small values of attractive, I guess, unless the “Space:1999” aesthetic works for you ;)

    Curious why the funky shapes. Looks like it would make handling absolutely horrible at highway speed, and it skimps on storage and, truthfully, actual usable space.

    It’s pretty interesting, just wondering if it’s practical. Camping isn’t exactly the kind of situation where form over function works at all – unless this is yuppie camping :)

  3. isabelle

    i can’t say that i would mind camping in that, quite honestly.

  4. KKL

    you call that camping???

  5. Vibha


  6. Critical Eye

    Beautify, but I agree with Pete… this thing must be horrible (dangerous?) at highway speeds. Has this been tested in a wind tunnel? If not, this may be a pretty irresponsible design.

  7. Art of Concept

    Holy caravans! Way too great, Im in awe!

  8. ted

    That would be safe at highway speeds. Inefficient yes, but not dangerous.

  9. Tony

    I think it’s horrific to be honest.

  10. lano

    I seriously doubt that vehicle’s aerodynamics to be very effective..

  11. Snufkin

    where are all those useless corners/shapes for, isn´t that just a waste of space?

    that´s not camping anymore at all!

  12. Raph

    All design and no practicality…

  13. Hols

    Beautiful function but not for camping. The design is so unnatural and urban, including the stand-out color, that it becomes sight pollution out in natural spaces. The “serious camper” would want something that blended into the environment, not something so dramatic they’d have to apologize for ruining the nature experience for those all around.

  14. Toasty O's

    When I think about a classic airstream tow behind, and then look at this thing…

    I start to wonder if this thing was designed for the sake of design only. Its not that I don’t love the angles and the flat planes, I do, but in a trailer, really?

  15. Chad

    Most Americans view camping as this: trying to make yourself as comfortable as possible in the great outdoors. This contraption looks more like something someone would pull cross country to their art exhibits.

  16. Karin L.

    I lived in one for 18 years as I worked on the road. Where’s the storage space? I would feel clostrophobic sans windows? Do I have to walk on the sofa to get to the bed ALL the time? Not very functional in my opinion.

  17. D

    Looks much bigger form the inside! But its veryy stylish. Me liked!

  18. Mask

    Cool on the inside, but the outside is an abomination.

  19. lily

    although the inside is truly beautiful…i gotta say that is NOT in any way shape or form, camping.

  20. Julie

    That’s horrible looking, and I would never call that camping, and there’s way too many sharp corners… that small a space, you’re going to whack yourself off every single one of them.

  21. samkinkel

    holy crap I want that so bad now!

  22. Troy

    What makes no sense to me, is that it’s a camper, which completely separates you from nature… the whole point of going camping.

    There are hardly ANY windows. The shapes are un-natural, the textures cold.

    Design wise, it’s beautiful. But it looks more at home in a museum than a forest.

  23. unDave™


    by unDave™


    Definatly NOT for camping lol.

  25. yanni

    i love the interior ( i am an interior designer )and live in a motorhome full time. I believe all trailers need serious interior design and decor rethink.

    i “do” feel a lot of the weird angles on the inside are just for design… and not function at all.

    the “outside” i believe is an aerodynamic nightmare and could have had a jellybean shape.

    but… what i would love to see is how the washroom looks like and how big it is…

  26. ezgi

    how is the dishwasher supposed to work? without water? on the go? im not seeing any place for a water supply either.

  27. 2e


  28. tana

    I want one! when do the go on sale?!

  29. Cj

    So many sharp corners, one little bump or trip and the last thing on your mind will be leisurely camping…

  30. Michae

    Looks like something out of that Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”. All that’s missing is a robot butler…

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