Hostel for Rock Climbers

Hostel for Rock Climbers

Barcelona Rock hostel concept designed by Polish architecture firm UGO.

The proposed building will have fifty rooms, movie theater, spa, cafe, swimming pool, gym, bar, shops, and climbing walls for beginners.

Unique exterior made of rocks is for advanced rock climbers who can even spend the night on the “mountain” using special equipment.

Rock Climbing Hostel

Rock Climbing Hotel

Barcelona Rock Hostel

Barcelona Rock Hotel

Rock Climbers

Hotel for Rock Climbers

Rock Hotel

Rock Climbing

Barcelona Rock

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  1. inspired.

    this is incredible! purely experiential architecture! even though it may not be entirely realistic, it is a thrilling concept

  2. Lilly

    This is truly one of the coolest examples of architecture I have ever seen! The entire structure is stunning, and the concept is even more awe inspiring.

  3. cole

    I agree with the above commenters – creativity at its peak.

  4. Sharyn

    Awesome! My only query is what about the windows? Are they there but just “rocklike” or are they something that just isn’t considered important?

  5. MasterOche

    Where do I check in? LoL!!!!

  6. K.J.

    This example of architecture has been projected by Poles!

  7. Dominic

    They will never get the planning Permission lol

  8. Alston, HC. W

    Really wanna have chance to see it become real and have a day up there!

  9. RyBu

    I wonder what inspired them to make such a project?
    are they climbers?

  10. Okulary

    In Poland rock climbing is popular, maybe this polish architects is a climbers too, or maybe they cant realize this project in Poland ? nevertheless imo this is something great and I’d like it really came to the realization. Best for all in new 2012

  11. katia

    It’s looks like polish rock “Hercules Club”…
    It would be nice to see this building in real…

  12. martiszka

    pretty awesome!

  13. Craig

    Looks spectacular, I’d stay there. Do they have a problem with pigeons in Barca? :D

  14. Myself

    the woman in the first picture looks like shes going to fall off if she leans back…

  15. Oma

    Holy crap! I am an architecture student and a rock climber…and I love this.

    I was thinking about doing something with rock climbing for my thesis!

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