Back to the Future Self Lacing Shoes

Back to the Future Self Lacing Shoes

Inspired by Marty McFly’s shoes in Back to the Future II, Blake Bevin created a pair of Nike sneakers with automatic shoelaces.

When you step into the shoe, a pressure sensor activates two motors that apply tension to the “power laces” and tighten the shoe.

Self Lacing Sneakers

Back to the Future Sneakers

Back to the Future Shoes

Marty McFly Sneakers

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  1. Niyari

    that’s pretty freaking cool

  2. Sky_pirate

    Kinda really, really ugly…

  3. James Anzalone


    That is all.

    okay.. I lied. This is the perfect example of technology without design. Remember the beautiful relationship between art & science?? well apparently they just got divorced.

  4. Bruce

    if that controlling thing can be hided some where ,, then that’d be okay ..anyway I wouldn’t buy stuff like this …

  5. Savitha

    This is a shoe for the supremely lazy :) Innovation applied to an unnecessary task . Wonder how the contraption would ensure the right amount of pressure to tie the laces .

    It’s an eco disaster . What can be done in a few mins by a pair of hands is to be done be a device that will soon end up in a land fill somewhere .

  6. Joemcjoe

    Bahah. I love how most of you have misunderstood this whole project. The guy isn’t trying to market anything, or make it ‘cool’. It’s just a homage to Back to the Future. If you actually read the little disclaimer in his video before you started flaming you’d get a long way…

    In terms of design, it’s still pretty interesting anyway.

  7. Chad

    I would say that these shoes are of the prototype sort and not necessarily meant to be critiqued on mere attractiveness.

  8. angela.banta

    amazing, yet it gets too much attention of being unusual and the thing behind its quite disturbing.

  9. Toasty O's

    Imagine it. Fake it. Film it. Make it real.

    This is why we all of our cell phones should make the tricorder noise, and why these somewhat ugly sneakers are awesome.

  10. James Ward


  11. Kyle

    Where’s my flying car!?

  12. Luis Rosen

    what a stupid and useless thing!

  13. Y. tsye

    it will be a quite good idea when they can make the automatic shoelaces device very small. How about put it on my tie?

  14. Karen

    i dont see the point. it takes like what, five seconds to lace them by hand?

  15. savita

    kudos toasty – karen we know you dont see the point and thats a good thing

  16. kaelyn

    ahhhhh! im definitly gettting a pairr! :D

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