12 Unique and Creative Shoes

12 Unique and Creative Shoes

The most unusual modern shoes and creative shoe designs that will impress your friends and get you noticed.

Boxy Shoes

Leather and sycamore wood shoes designed by Andreia Chaves.

Boxy Shoes

Wooden Heel Shoes

Cool futuristic-looking shoes designed by Osman Yousefzada.

Wooden Heel Shoes

Paper Shoes

Creative high heel shoes made from paper by Mathieu Missiaen.

Paper Shoes

Buckle Shoes

Stylish leather boots feature exposed metal zip closure at the back.

Buckle Shoes

Killer Heels

Probably the most uncomfortable high heel shoes in the world.

Killer Heels

Illuminated Shoes

Cool shoes by London based designer Nicholas Kirkwood.

Illuminated Shoes

Flower Vase Shoes

Shoes by Scherer Gonzalez feature platforms stuffed with flowers.

Flower Vase Shoes

Zombie Shoes

Creative shoes designed to look like you have zombie feet.

Zombie Shoes

High Tide Heels

Innovative shoes by Australian designer Lisa Carney combine the elegance of stiletto heels with the swimming speed of flippers.

High Tide Heels

Banana Shoes

Vintage shoes painted and decorated to look like bananas.

Banana Shoes

Banana Heels

Candy Shoes

Stylish candy-filled shoes by Sarajevo designer Belma Arnautović.

Candy Shoes

Mirror Shoes

Creative shoes with mirrored surface designed by Andreia Chaves.

Mirror Shoes

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  1. oyik

    cool :D

  2. Pete

    Subtitle: 13 ways to break an ankle.

    I’m just waiting for someone’s creepy old aunt to offer you a hard candy from her sweaty shoe

  3. Paul

    Zombie shoes were out of left field.

  4. emW

    paper and mirror shoes are totally awesome!

  5. Syd

    Oh god, “high tide heels”
    Who possibly thought of the two most difficult types of footwear to walk in: heels and flip flops, and decided to combine them?!

  6. Bringa

    I’m sure Lady Gaga will wear one of these in her next videoclip…

  7. Barbara

    What a pity not to see models walking on stage with these extraordinary shoes !

  8. timmay

    amazing, but u gotta notice how there all womens shoes accept the zombies shoes which i rlly want.

  9. Dan

    Mirror shoes are every pervert’s dream

  10. Enav

    Unique ok… creative no… ridicule yes

  11. Tiago Henrique

    Lady Gaga will love it!

  12. emmajane

    i love all of them, especially the buckle shoes and candy filled shoes. But i don’t like the zombie feet shoes.

    Who would wear those ugly zombie shoes?

  13. maria

    this shoes are amazing,…
    maybe they are not for everyday use, but if you really want to impress at a party,…
    you will get noticed for sure !!!

  14. jeanne

    wow. what crazy shoe design. awesome!

  15. manuel

    Mirror shoes are cool!

  16. MimmSolutions

    I am really loving those mirrored shoes, and those illuminated shoes! I have always wanted another pair of light up shoes since the battery died in my barbie sneakers all those years ago.

  17. Lorie

    The leather with zip-up back and the illuminated shoes sure remind me of Rihanna! :D

  18. Mariana S

    I’d love to have the Wooden Heel Shoes…. So nice!!!

  19. Raads

    hehe, totally agree with Pete, but you have to admit, some are kinda cool! like the mirror one, i couldnt even see the heel part, till i looked extremely carefuly :D

  20. anna

    who would wear the “killer heels”? they could heart

  21. Sarah

    Great collection:D

  22. Marv

    I’m with Dan on the mirror ones

  23. Jasmine

    Don’t wear the banana shoes in the Gorilla section of the bronx zoo. Who would go swimming in fin heels?

  24. Alexis

    I would totally wear the killer heels! A. I love sexy Red Pumps and B. After 12 years of wearing high heels I havent eaten shit yet! I might just have to go out and look for some… Sweet!!

  25. lashayeg


  26. Blake

    Is there a way to purchase the Andy Warhol inspired banana high heels? I NEED THEM

  27. Clare

    Buckle shoes! I needs them! They’re brilliant!

  28. angel

    i want the candy shooes
    but i think the zombie shoes are grooossssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Niki

    I like alot of these I would like to know if and where I can buy them !! Love Shoes :)

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