Nike Shoe Aquarium from Japan

Nike Shoe Aquarium from Japan

Nike Air Max 360 running shoe was transformed into a goldfish aquarium by Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency from Tokyo.

Designers hope that the people who see this small aquarium will stop to think about the artificial/natural environments that surround us and the connection between humans and other living creatures.

Nike Shoe Aquarium

Nike Sneakers Aquarium

Nike Shoes Aquarium

Nike Aquarium

Nike Aquarium from Japan

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  1. Lee

    Quote “Designers hope that the people who see this small aquarium will stop to think about the artificial/natural environments that surround us and the connection between humans and other living creatures”

    I just saw a trainer with fish in! ha ha ha Sometimes marketeers are so full of sh*t!

  2. Art of Concept

    Indeed, this looks like a marketing strategy, a very silly one…where’s the concept? They would have chosen ANY trainer mentioning no trademark if they really wanted to make a “green” point, that’s what I think.

  3. Critical Eye

    I was just thinking the same thing. Gotta try harder if that’s the message they are trying to communicate.

  4. Betty

    This is pretty cool visually but I saw all the chemicals and plastics that went into making it.

  5. Kikishua

    And it’s SOOOOOOOO small for the poor fish in it…

  6. hello yellow

    so much harmful chemicals and plastics… and plus poor goldfishes die in a small environment like that, they are not like betas!
    more like their goal of design was to look cool..

    but it did make me think about the true connection between humans and other animals- that we don’t
    stop trying to put deep meanings into art before really really thinking about it, thats why people call it cheap art when you try to screw in the meanings rather than having a meaning create it.
    it’s okay to just make stuff that looks cool. no meanings-
    I like the song tho btw.

  7. Mask

    It’s cute, yes, but is far too small to house that many fish. And they will most probably die :c

  8. Catherine

    Neat idea but too small for any great effect.

  9. aman

    its to small for the fishes, running with the shoes will kill them.

    The glass will probably break somehow

    Shoes with that water and rocks will make it so heavy


  10. aman

    never mind the comment above i just say the video

  11. James Anzalone

    After watching the video this what I have to say:

    ALL that?? ..for THAT!?

  12. Raads

    yep i totally agree James Anzalone, and whats so good about it anyways? if its entertainment purposes, they’ve got a looooooooooooong way to go, tell me how interesting is it watching a fish? forget the fish you are most likley to watch the trainer as its like 10 times more interesting, so what happened to the quote that Lee provided us with?
    it seems this product is more about advertising the trainer, rather than the awareness and the ‘connection between humans and other living creatures’ha! that quote just got sucked down a drain!!

  13. LiberationNYC

    What an incredibly cruel thing to do to these animals.

  14. Ravi Kumar

    Why dont they try a shark instead…


    This idea can become a bright idea for advertising… but to make it a real product seems waste of time… anyways the poor golden fish can’t survive in that narrow shoes :|

  16. emmajane

    good way to get your feet wet

  17. nikkaantonio

    true. this mini aquarium is cute but the risks that they’re putting those tiny fishes in is huge… so much for marketing strategy to capture people’s attention. but a nice try and ain’t bad for advertising purposes.:D

  18. A young environmentalist

    Perhaps the purpose of the that you buy the shoes.. with the cute fishes in them.
    I mean..clearly you cannot run as an athlete in a wet shoe. So when you buy the are contributing to a wild life another kind of organization. Then you can..i believe put the fishes in a better more spacious environment where they wont die. You cant just look at the picture in front of you and expect that these people actually thought the narrow shoe would provide an ample life for the fishes….if they did.. thats hypocritical to their whole theme. And clearly a waste and nobody should buy their shoes.

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