Portable Seating Device

Portable Seating Device

Chairless is an adjustable sitting strap designed to be wrapped around the back and knees in order to relieve tension and stabilize the body.

It is thus a perfect solution for times when chairs are in short supply: at the park, beach or anywhere else outdoors.


Modern Seating Device

Chairless Chair

Chairless Design Trial Video

Inspired by a strap commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians, Chairless was designed by Alejandro Aravena for German furniture firm Vitra.

Chairless Seating Device

Chairless by Alejandro Aravena

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  1. jbkilluh

    for people too lazy to sit indian style on their own


  2. Grant

    I don’t see why anyone would ever need or want this.

  3. Andre Mestre

    Useless, i can just grab my belt and do that.

    Or i can just bend my legs a little further and voala!

  4. tim

    I dont think it’s lame. If it wasnt for this belt, you would have to lock your arms around knees. Now arms are free, and you can do whatever you want with them. )))

  5. unDave™

    This is…… just a belt….. isn’t it? Creatively used, yes, but device?

    -by unDave™

  6. unDave™


    It is LAME that you can’t do so by your own, srsly…

    -by unDave™

  7. Pete

    Impressive. Most impressive.

    Looks like it might slide up your knee, but better than the usual switching between leaning back with your hands on the grass and leaning forward with feet under your butt. Good for long-term seating (a la DC fireworks on 4th of July)

    For the rest of you kids who see no use for something like this: get off my lawn! :)

  8. john j

    you have got to be kidding me

  9. takpar

    if they are lazy so how they accepted the trouble of belting.
    if they are not lazy why they use it?

  10. Rindane

    Creative consept but i wonder if it works

  11. Tyron Bache

    Simple and effective – I like!

  12. Fred

    So it’s like a large belt… but for your legs… k…

  13. Daniel

    If this is “art” I’d likle to say “wow, thank’s to the drugs” but wait, I don’t get the mind on that dumb PR of selling old stuff as a new “furniture” …

  14. Deep & Beat

    The Indians of the Ayoreo tribe in northern Paraguay make use of a seat strap which they tighten around their legs and back. This is where the development of Chairless started.

    Subjugated during the 19th and 20th century, the Indians of the Gran Chaco of northern Paraguay have meanwhile managed to secure a legal claim to their culture and traditional way of life, and are currently in a dispute with the government over land rights.

    Vitra uses part of the proceeds from Chairless sales to support the «Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities», an organisation dedicated to securing land as a livelihood for the indigenous population of Paraguay.


  15. David

    Actually, a similar product although perhaps more refined has been on the market for more than twenty years–called the NadaChair. http://www.nadachair.com

    It’s always interesting to see folks who wind up trying to reinvent the wheel.

  16. Caitlin

    this makes sense if you’re stoned

  17. Frank

    This ‘chair’ could possibly cause back problems because of a continues pressure on just a small area of your spine.

  18. bird

    none of those people look that comfortable

  19. Kirvi Inci

    Don’t they have something similar for use in Yoga?

  20. Toasty O's


    They look just like gait belts, for lifting assistance in nursing homes and the like. It is also the equivalent of what girls did when they pulled their sweaters down over their knees. Very 80’s.

    Now everyone can look like an 80’s style prepubescent girl who works in a nursing home.

  21. Den

    Chairless? I’d say USEless!

  22. jennifer

    i would buy this for long term sitting …

  23. daniel

    ahahahah this is so absolutely WRONG!!! ahahahah is this for lazy americans?

  24. Mask

    Looks more comforable than just sitting on the ground, but you do look like a retard who somehow broke his belt and is now stuck and needs assistance.

  25. josh

    It seems to be made for lazy Germans, or anyone who enjoys sitting where there is no chair available. I like the idea, even if it simple and basic.

  26. Simplicity??

    Lazy Americans? The guy who designed it is European. Prejudge much?

  27. Reilly

    It’s called a wall or a tree.

  28. GustaveCo

    The worst idea that’s come through Toxel for a loooong time.

    Truly awful.

  29. lmk

    I think you are missing the point. If you need to sit for a prolonged period of time on the ground with no seat your back will inevitably get tired. This uses tension to hold you in place without falling over or getting tired. And if your belt is that large… you probably can not fit into this device anyway.

  30. adkarta

    i cant stop laughing.

    it’s nice use of belt..

  31. Dan

    look at that douchebag in the last pic. That’s what you’ll look like if you wear one of these. Have fun.

  32. kevin

    ahahah laughing a lot too

  33. JGarrido

    This would only catch on if they were a bit more stylish and useful – maybe make it a sash and add some pockets for wallets and phones, or something.

  34. parmy

    for al of those that said it was lame isn’t design about making life that little bit easier through simple and clever design.?
    do you all think thinks like a apple corer or shoe horn is a lame design even thought they have been around and been successful for years just because you can do both thinks without them?
    i like it and think it simple and effective.
    good work.

  35. Lynchster

    I think it’s a good idea. No it’s not the most creative, but this person took an ordinary problem and made a solution/design. And it was profitable. To quote parmy “isn’t design about making life that little bit easier through simple and clever design.?”
    Couldn’t be said any better. If people think “Wow, this is a lame idea.”–Then how come you didn’t think of it and make a profit?

  36. Vie

    I would want to have one!!!

  37. amirsina

    it’s not a new invention , ancient iranians used it when they wanted to seat for a long time , it helped them not to be tired !

  38. Kalakawa

    This has been used in Pakistan for ages past.

  39. slinger

    Looking at the people in these pictures gives me a perverse urge to tip them over.

  40. Joe smooth

    Looks awesome to me. I assume all the haters don’t have back/knee problems.

  41. joe

    that not a sit, that killing people…

  42. Saad

    Hi everyone i think the ( Portable Seating Device )
    is very old , my grandfather ( God bless him ) used to do that when i was 7/8 years old

  43. Mysterious guy XD

    WTF, you invented the giant elastic band, well done congrats to you, you win 5 points.

    how long before the band snaps and dismembers you?

  44. Elphi

    It looks very silly at first glance, and in a way, it really is! However, I definitely understand how helpful this can be. Try sitting like that for hours and you’ll wish you had one. I wouldn’t carry it around with me all the time, but it’s useful for things like watching fireworks or outdoor movies. I like the idea, but I don’t think it’s the most practical and I probably wouldn’t buy one.

  45. Leia

    Wouldn’t your but fall a sleep?

  46. Kiwi

    My frugal sister bought one and loves it. If you don’t understand the need, you are just too young to understand pain. It is allowing us 60+ crowd to sit comfortably for long periods on the floor to play with our grandchildren etc… You young people have no clue.

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