14 Cool Accessories for your iPad

14 Cool Accessories for your iPad

Collection of the most useful and creative products designed for Apple iPad.

iPad Cradle

Portable and lightweight lap desk with integrated circular plate that allows you to rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape views.

Cradle iPad Lap Desk

USB Typewriter

Typewriter Dock turns old typewriter into a keyboard for the iPad.

Carbon Fiber iPad Case

HoverCoat carbon fiber case simply snaps onto the back of the iPad.

Carbon Fiber iPad Case


iTee and iDress will help you comfortably store your iPad on the go.


iPad Car Mount

Scosche car mount allows iPad to rotate from driver to passenger.

Envelope iPad Bag

Comes with discreet magnetic lock and pockets for extra storage.

Envelope iPad Bag

iPad Camera Case

Concept case designed by Chet Rosales adds a camera to the iPad.

iPad Camera Case

iPad Keyboard Case

ClamCase is an all-in-one keyboard, case and a stand for the iPad.

iPad Felt Case

Handmade case will protect your beloved gadgets from scratches.

iPad Felt Case

iPad + Velcro

Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last.

Wooden iPad Dock

Stylish docking station will look cool and charge your Apple iPad.

Wooden iPad Dock

iBallz for iPad

Protect your iPad from spills, sticky surfaces and accidental drops.

Kitchen iPad Stand

Unlike most stands, the Joule won’t tip over when using the iPad’s touch screen, allowing you to better utilize your iPad in the kitchen.

Kitchen iPad Stand

Waterproof iPad Case

Carrying case made from durable transparent material will keep your iPad away from water and dust.

Waterproof iPad Case

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  1. Kochtopf

    sticking your iPad there in your car is not a good idea why? because when you are involved in a crash it will break you face why? AIRBAG

  2. Pete


    Not sure what you drive, but most cars in the US have the driver airbag in the steering wheel. It’s possible it may be knocked out from the passenger one, but those tend to be over the glove box to the right of center.

    Just watched the velcro video. Thought you were commenting on the dash mount higher up. Agree with you on placement in the velcro video :)

  3. Jay Philips

    All great items with the exception of the clothing one. Why would someone want their iPad attached like a fanny pack?

  4. Mick

    The link to the iPad mount goes to a web site where there is no such product. WTF?


    Driving a motorcycle while using your iPad. SMART!! :D
    Most of these seem like a waste, but whatev, oh, and iBallz? Weirdish? Lol.

  6. Cory

    i saw the title “ipad + velcro” and thought that it shouldn’t count on the list, but it was very cool

  7. Mr. X

    Ipad with velcro.. stupid!

  8. Alex

    iPad + Velcro = ♥

  9. Lil

    iPad without velcro… stupid either!

  10. Cathy Stocker

    VELCRO – Brilliant!! Also like the comment from Kochtopf – Definitely not a good idea over the Airbag!!! :)

  11. 4MIN

    iBallz – is generally super-duper idea when the baby throws iPad on the floor and he remains unharmed only because of the balls iBallz cool. Creators earn $ 1 million dollars very quickly. Thank you for the selection of accessories for the iPad.

  12. Alice

    the iBallz is odd but it wont hurt your ipad when you drop it

  13. Larna

    Iballz is pretty handy…superb idea to cater safety issue.Although the design can be improved to a more ‘stylish’ look. hihi. USB typewriter is pretty lame cuz it demolish the idea of having a ‘keyboard’ free of an Ipad. Overall…great posting again Toxel.

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