iPad Rocking Chair

iPad Rocking Chair

Power generating rocking chair designed by Swiss company Micasa LAB will charge your iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices.

The “iRock” chair with built-in dock and speakers converts rocking into energy. One hour of rocking will charge an iPad to 35 percent.

Power Generating Rocking Chair

Apple Rocking Chair

iPhone Charging Rocking Chair

Apple Chair

iRock Chair

iPad Chair


iRock by Micasa LAB

iRock Rocking Chair

iPad Rocking Chair by Micasa LAB

iPhone Rocking Chair

iPad Dock Rocking Chair

iPad Charging Rocking Chair

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  1. Me

    Pretty stupid in my opinion.

  2. Tao

    This could come in handy at the cottage! Love it :)

  3. gunneos

    Why just Apple products? As soon as Apple changes their ports, this would be useless.

  4. reason

    I guess its ironic. But again, irony alone doesn’t make money.

  5. Amir

    Apple has already changed their ports; they no longer use 30-pin connector.

  6. Betty

    How cool is that! Want one!

  7. Pear

    when will people stop acting like apple is something so special???

  8. Douglas

    I can see the guys in the pics humping this thing to the campsite. Party on Garth.

  9. gunneos

    @Amir: Exactly.

  10. Dave

    More iCrap

  11. Rio


  12. Larna

    Dave is a samsung user. obviously.

  13. Casey

    Even though I’m no Apple fan, their decision to use them is a relatively small part of the overall piece, which is a wonderful piece of work. Using the rocking motion to create a power source really completes it.

  14. Lea

    I think that it is a wonderful prototype! I have many clients that use tablets that don’t use the rocking chair but the ones the do, don’t use tablets because they can not hold them and get in and out of their chair. My suggestion is a easy to release extension so that the tablet can be placed in the center/front for better ergonomics and less positional fatigue.

    I can see these at Disney resorts in the hotels and rest areas of the parks. In all versions of senior activities centers and homes. Hospitals-both waiting areas, patient rooms and rehab. Of course Cracker Barrel. Airports. I’m excited!!

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