World’s Best Father

Worlds Best Father

American photographer Dave Engledow takes amusing and creative photos of himself and his adorable daughter Alice Bee.

Hilarious images show the life of a distracted, self-absorbed, and totally clueless father who places his daughter in unsafe situations.

Dave captures multiple photos and then combines them in Photoshop to create humorous portrait of dangerous and neglectful parenting.

“World’s Best Father” calendar will be released later this year.

Worlds Greatest Father

Worlds Best Father 2013 Calendar

Father of the Year Photos

Dave Engledow

Dave Engledow Worlds Best Father

Worlds Greatest Father Photos

Worlds Greatest Dad

Worlds Best Father Book

Worlds Greatest Dad Calendar

Worlds Greatest Father Calendar

Worlds Best Father Calendar

Dad of the Year

Worlds Greatest Dad Book

Dave Engledow Photography

Worlds Greatest Father Book

Worlds Best Dad Book

Father of the Year

Worlds Greatest Dad Photos

Engledow Art Photography

Father and Daughter Photos

Father and Daughter

Dad of the Year Photos

Worlds Best Dad Calendar

Worlds Best Father Photos

Worlds Best Dad

Worlds Best Dad Photos

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  1. omer

    Have seen his work before, love it !!

  2. SAM

    cool imagination….great stuff

  3. Enrico Martinez

    Nice one with the gas mask while changing diapers.

  4. Leia

    I’m saving this page just for that twilight remark! lol…

  5. Dominic


  6. Betty

    I love it! All the things that we think of, secretly in the deep, dark recesses of our minds while sacrificing everything for our little darlings.

  7. Douglas

    Sense of humor and skills. Kid with legs in full sink should have a corded shaver!!

  8. Ieva

    Creative and adorable! I think this way is very good to have memorable photos

  9. Scott

    Just Amazing. YOur daughter is so cute, when she is older and when she sees these photos she will enjoy it the way we did..Thank you for sharing.

  10. Kim Vernon

    So clever & fun, I enjoyed them very much,thanks! Great work! :)

  11. Mark

    Some of these are a little disturbing LOL

  12. Gert

    I have fond memories of my dad handing me a piece of wood, a hammer and some nails. Kept me busy for hours when I was 3 or 4. lol.

  13. DE

    omg !!! :O

  14. Larna

    Awwwhh…so adorable. and the fact he kept all pictures with ‘world’s best father’ mug trademark is awesome!

  15. ...mmhhh

    awww….! :-)

  16. Swiper Fox

    Love’d em all pictures! Very hilarious! :-)

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