Maverick Flying Car

Maverick Flying Car

With integrated ground and aerial controls, a rugged frame, and unique wing deployment system, I-TEC’s Maverick Sport is the ultimate flying car.

In flight mode, the car deploys a ram-air wing, similar to the wings used in powered parachuting, to provide lift while the propeller generates thrust.

Maverick Car

Maverick Sport

Maverick on the Road

The Maverick


Flying Car

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  1. Drew designs

    Interesting concept, I am waiting for the mass produced aircar.

  2. Nemo


  3. Catherine

    A bit strange.

  4. Viioo

    Dangerous and Cool :)

  5. Art of Concept

    Really cool!

  6. evie

    Don’t know how practical it is but very cool

  7. Robin

    I like the concept. To me, it makes much more sense than the Terrafugia we’ve seen a while ago, and it also looks way better. It has a very mean look indeed, like a 1930s mafia car.

  8. Critical Eye

    The manufacturer’s website states that it can be legally driven on any road, but I don’t see any bumpers or other crash protection on this thing. I guess they skirt the safety laws by selling it as a kit car, or something. Want one badly.

  9. John R

    This could be really helpful to people living in remote places separated from roads and cities by water.

  10. Jonathan

    You can see more at It is road licensed as a kit car, and a registered aircraft. We drove it from Florida to the EAA Airventure Event in Oshkosh Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Joe Menard

    I am 52 years old and seen alot but this hits the top!Maybe one day I will see it fly by Joe

  12. Landon

    Maverick Flying Car-WIKKKEDDDD!!!! The Maverick Flying Car is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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