Hover Bike

Hover Bike

California based company Aerofex designed and created a fully functional prototype of an innovative personal hovercraft.

Hover bike is powered by an engine and two ducted fans. The pilot can control the direction, altitude, and flight speed.




Aerofex Hoverbike

Aerofex Hover Bike

Aerofex Hovercraft

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  1. nancy

    Amazing !!!!

  2. Aerwhyn

    Shut up and take my money!

  3. syed

    nice 1

  4. Colooche

    I wanna try that…

  5. Gert

    All I need is an ewok.

  6. Bill

    Travelling at high speed on an unstable platform between two unshielded blender blades. What could possibly go wrong?

  7. Stefano

    I suppose the project needs some strong shields aroung the blades. Or maybe is a human milk shake project ?

  8. John

    Its okay…. needs more designing and power

  9. Jarvis G.

    Needs wheels for rough landings.

  10. Matt

    I don’t really fancy standing above 2 giant fans! needs more work but I like that the idea is slowly becoming a reality

  11. Brandon

    Wow. The future is here. Looking forward to 50 years from now when these things are everywhere! (improved of course)

  12. Jose

    Star wars is coming everyone choose your side

  13. David

    Well… looks amazing… but the original project is from the 50’s. US army was already flyin with that stuff… and It was much more complicated and unstable than this!
    Im sure on top of the fan theres some kind of grill… so u dont rick to become jam…


  14. Robert Anthony

    Not calling fake but at 0:26 in the second video you can see the blades of the fan at the bottom of the screen and they are not spinning at all.

    Maybe I just don’t understand how it works but they look like the blades of the fan, which shouldn’t be visible if they are spinning so fast as to cause lift.

  15. ammar meithami

    It need 4 blades instead of 2 blades for more stability and the blades should have slop the center.

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