Cloud Sofa

Cloud Sofa

Unique sofa designed by Japanese artist Kei Harada looks like a soft cloud made of oversized marshmallows.

Cloud sofa encourages kids to move around, play, and change positions.

Cloud Sofa by Kei Harada

Marshmallow Sofa Kei Harada

Kei Harada Sofa

Marshmallow Sofa

Kei Harada

Marshmallow Cloud Sofa

Marshmallow Couch

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  1. Tahere

    Egg sofa!

  2. James

    I would say more of a pebble sofa.

  3. Dominic

    My client would LOVE this!

  4. Shilov

    You’ll never, ever see your keys again!

  5. Gert

    White + kids = dirty sofa. Polluted cloud? :P

  6. name

    this could be:

    a)cloud sofa
    b)mushroom sofa
    c)marshmallow sofa
    d)shapeless boiled egg sofa

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