YDB Wearable Airbag Vest

YDB Wearable Airbag Vest

Safety vest with inflatable airbags monitors your posture and instantly deploys miniature airbags upon detecting a potential fall.

YDB Wearable Airbag Vest features innovative system with smart microchip that constantly monitors the wearer’s posture in real-time.

In the event of a potential fall, the vest’s protective system quickly reacts and inflates miniature airbags within an impressive 0.18 seconds.

Designed by Suzhou Yidaibao Intelligent Technology Company in China.

Fast response ensures that the person is shielded from impact, minimizing the risk of injury.

Using advanced technology, the vest accurately detects the speed and angle of a fall, triggering airbags precisely when needed.

The design prioritizes safety and comfort, offering a cushioned landing to mitigate the impact of falls.

With China’s and the World’s aging population on the rise, YDB Wearable Airbag Vest addresses a pressing need for elderly care.

YDB Wearable Airbag

Designed to protect seniors from falls, it is a game-changer in elderly care.

Wearable Airbag Vest

Wearable Airbag Vest provides instant protection, with miniature airbags deploying within a fraction of a second.

Wearable Airbag for the Elderly

Specifically designed for the elderly, Airbag Vest addresses a critical safety concern in aging populations.

Wearable Airbag for Seniors

YDB Wearable Airbag Vest reacts in milliseconds to potential falls, ensuring a cushioned landing for the elderly.

Wearable Airbag

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