Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines

Innespace Productions have created a series of unique dolphin-inspired submersible boats that can jump, dive and roll like real dolphins.

Within the safety of a dry and sealed cockpit, you can enjoy the cruising speeds of 40 mph and underwater speeds of 20 mph.

Seabreacher submarines start at $48,000 USD and come with extensive list of options.

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 2

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 3

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 4

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 5

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 6

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 7

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 8

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 9

Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines 10

If you do not like dolphins, then check out shark inspired version.

  1. Fatih DELEN

    SÜPER …

  2. Maksimo

    So super cool!

  3. Karin L. Stewart

    Wow, to be a Spinner Dolphin! This must be the ultimate rush to become like a fish!


  4. jds

    I think I saw this on a show called “beyond 2000,” or it may have been “invention” when I was a kid. good to know something became of it.

  5. Derek

    SÜPER x 10.

    Love it!

  6. mike

    Neat … where there’s no other boat traffic. Driven recklessly ould easily be run over or pop out into other boats. Seadoos do that and they have much clearer visibility and much more maneuverability. So, neat concept but not one for public use.

  7. JT

    For 50 large you’d think it would truly go underwater, not just skim three inches below the surface. I would think the novelty would wear off REAL fast. Meh, I’ll pass.

  8. Rodney

    I’m pretty sure South Park already covered the topic of grown men wanting to become dolphins. The end result isn’t pretty or what was originally intended. Also, I find it interesting they don’t show any in the video of the thing landing a jump. They only show it leaving the water. Hiding something?

  9. austin bath

    startide rising!

  10. Dave

    I think you’ll find it’s definately for public use. Not only is it on sale to the public, but us ‘public’ would most certainly drive it, perhaps even while drunk.

  11. Dave

    @Rodney – We didn’t see it completely underwater either, i think it’s safe to conclude they’re lying – if they can’t show it in a video on Youtube for people like us to see then it must be a lie!

  12. hello word

    Looking forward to see this in a James Bond movie!

  13. Tyrner Valdez

    Damn… A personal subamarine, eh? If I had the cash, I would buy one. But I’m just a sixteen year old kid with a new car…*Sigh* If Atlantis was real, I’d buy the sub and ditch the car.

  14. Aaron

    I doubt it can go much deeper than they show it going. It is a huge bubble of air moving at 40 mph when it goes under. It would slow down tremendously when it submerges even a little bit, that is the only reason it would be able to pop out like it does. The reason they dont show it landing is because it pops up at an angle and slams down on the water and slows to almost a complete stop. I wonder if the tail actually moves or if it is prop powered

  15. Unknown

    “How deep can they dive?

    About 5 feet for brief durations but generally they go just a few feet below the surface in order to keep the snorkel above the water.”

  16. Rage103

    I think I’ll go for the dolphinoplasty.

  17. Dude

    are you guys just plain stupid? they do how it landing.. why not go look at their actual site and the videos on the site…

  18. Sean

    this thing costs $78,000…!!! are you kidding…!!!

  19. David Greiman

    Maybe I’ll get one when I finish paying off my Segway.

  20. Jason


  21. Jason

    Not really something for the general public, but its 100% awesome they actually made this into a production vehicle! Normally things like this are only concept vehicles, awesome!

  22. David The Renter

    DAMN it sucks to be poor.

  23. Cena

    That’s insane! I wonder how well the vision really is when going full speed underwater?

  24. Toby Tortoise

    Why do none of the pictures show the end of the tail? What sort of propulsion system does this use? And what sort of engine? Are there noxious emissions and can they get into a (mostly) sealed cabin?

  25. See Breacher?

    How about you guys learn how to surf so you can actually swim with the dolphins and surf their waves

  26. Dan S.

    Old news. These were in Hammacher Schlemmer catalogs at least 8 years ago. If they were going to catch on, they’d have done so by now.

  27. Rob B.

    They had these on television the other day. They look fun but for the price, and the fact that you can’t go that deep, how much gasoline is actually used, I don’t really see the point.

    Again, it looks amazingly fun, but a modified jet ski…

  28. tommy

    I want one…

  29. Dilek

    Its very nice. Dolphin submarine! Driving this feels somebody marvelous.

  30. maurice

    People, people, read the article, go to their site and look around.

    To clear up some misconceptions:
    These use substantial gas powered engines.
    Depending on the model a 1500cc Rotax ( similar to one used in many snowmobiles) or, in the racing version a rotary (wankel) engine.
    Up to 240HP.
    They need a lot of air, so they get it by a snorkel.
    If you submerge too far, the air is cut off, and the engine shuts down.
    Being buoyant, they pop up to the surface like a cork.
    Think of it as a rich mans personal watercraft, in which you are enclosed, and may stay dry.
    Plus, they can go SLIGHTLY underwater.
    They are as safe, or safer than a Seadoo, and should be used in similar environments.
    They are not a “real submarine”
    Price is between $48,000 to $68,000 depending on the level of customization.
    The recreational model uses a prop based “jet thruster”.
    They burn fuel, and make exhaust.

  31. Wayfinder

    Always amazes me how quick people are to criticize that which they know nothing about… and without bothering to read pertinent documentation.

    This is very obviously a rich-folk’s toy, so complaining about the price is fairly irrelevant.

    As Maurice pointed out, the specs and answers to a lot of the questions above are apparently available on the website, as are additional videos (I dunno, because I don’t have time to read the documentation after sloggging through the troll posts above. LOL).

    I seriously doubt anyone using this vehicle to jump out of the water is going to be expecting a smooth ride, nor is it going to “wiggle its tail” like a dolphin (LOL, can you imagine what a ride like that would be… anyone ever seen how a dolphin’s body moves up and down as it swims?).

    Why it uses a gas engine instead of an electric one… I dunno. Will there be emissions? Duh.

    C’mon people… do something better with your time than criticizing the creations of others. I have nothing to do with this company, have no idea whether this item works or not, how well it works, etc… but I do think it’s a pretty neat idea and enjoy the design and looking at the pictures regardless. ; )

  32. ted

    I think I saw this in an episode of sea quest about 15 years ago…

  33. Nathan Bridger

    Nice to see that they are commercially available now. Anyone remember when this sub appeared on seaQuest DSV back in 1993?

  34. Television Spy

    thats what i call inspiring design.

  35. delere

    I’ve always said I want to come back as a dolphin – they look like they have so much fun! I’d get one of these before a new car!

  36. drew

    That is a crazy ride!

  37. Stretching Exercises to Grow Taller

    wow I would love one of these, They look fantastic!
    5 stars

  38. Bill Code

    it’ll all end in tears

  39. Liza Mae

    That is awesome!!

    Off Topic:
    I like the demo video’s beats! lol

  40. paintbot

    c’mon, nobody nnedes this, all you do is fire yourself out of a cannon into a lake with flippers and goggles on. or stick an outboard motor to your ass.

  41. nose hair clipper

    Wow how fantastic is that

  42. frederic

    FAR OUT.

  43. Maga

    SeaQuest TV Series comes to my mind when I look at that:)

  44. Sarbjit Chawla

    Something can be used for defence purposes or can be used for scounting purposes. Looks great, India should buy few for defense purposes.

  45. pete

    I am falling in love with it. Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  46. Kyle

    I wonder if I could rent one of these for a day . . .

  47. Larry P.

    Can anyone sit in that cramped back seat area? If so, what do THEY see from that perspective? A bit more room w/ controls in this back area allows this to be used as a money maker as a recreational ride! That’s what is needed!

  48. jon

    great , you could chase sharks and make friends with other dolphins and generally just have a whale of a time

  49. Jose

    This is AWESOME !!!!

  50. Harry Beamish

    Before you post here, or anywhere for that matter, how about you spend your money on some basic education – learn to SPELL, if not for the sake of your own dignity, but also for the sake of my sanity. Reading posts by illiterates is like listening to music with no beat. A waste of everyone’s time. Learn to spell, use your language properly before knocking a product you have not bothered looking into. Go to the site, the dolphin is way cool and yes, I am poor, but hey, maybe these guys will send me an RC model of one so I can have some fun at the local lake too!

  51. Ben Dover

    Concept= awesome!
    Actual product= extreme let down.
    I have some rich buddies that bought into this junk and believe me it is not worth the money.

  52. Jimmy

    Does it have AC

  53. alex reed

    how high can it jump coming out of the water

  54. Wanter of Dolhpins


  55. jorge

    It kind of looks like a dolfin

  56. Venkatesh.j

    Whats the price of this ………… I AM INTERESTED TO OPERATE IN INDIA

  57. stanley

    Whats the price and options
    is delivery possible?

  58. james

    Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to customise it so that it can dive deeper?

  59. Moon

    ETH to the moon!

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