Beach Towel with Speakers

Beach Towel with Speakers

Hi-Sun backpack transforms into a beach towel with integrated speakers.

Just plug in your iPhone, mp3 player, or any other audio source and enjoy your favorite music at the beach or near the swimming pool.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, these speakers will last for hours.

Beach Towel Speaker

Beach Towel

Beach Towel Backpack

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  1. Jumanicus

    very cool nice models too ^_^

  2. Selina

    I want one!

  3. K.

    Awesome! I would love one of these.

  4. SpAt

    The girl in the video is a competitor of italian Big Brother 2011…as hot as stupid ;)

  5. Snufkin

    I picture this young hipsters that run trough the streets listening to their stupid rapcrap music bugging everyone on the public pool with this.

    for cool music: must have! ;)

  6. Derek Po

    Brilliant idea! innovative use of materials :D

  7. chelsea_fc

    I hope it’s waterproof though!

  8. Me

    Wait. I thought there was something mentioned about a towel and speakers. All I saw was a scantily clad, beautiful young woman…

  9. Fillibert

    girl in the video top painted on

  10. MrFristi

    I want one! …. oh they were talking about the towels .. well nevermind then.

  11. sam47

    what towel? :p

  12. Cthulhu

    Sweet! I’ll take three!

    But they can keep the towels ;)

  13. Modhawk

    Beautiful models + I do wonder if the speakers are water resistant like chelsea said. Great concept but then again, why not just use headphones if you’re by yourself. Heck, even if you’re with someone else, does that person want to listen to the same thing as you while getting some sun and relaxing? Some people might just want to enjoy the sounds of the waves, so… DAMN! I’m done here.

  14. Glenn Contreras

    In public places, people should use headphones!

  15. ccc

    AMAZING! and the towels are kinda cool I guess…

  16. gnarfi

    is anyone looking at the product?

  17. kyle

    i clicked on this to look at models sunbathe

  18. MJ

    How do you wash it?

  19. Meekey

    That stuff is CRAP! speakers never work plus the towel cloth is so cheap.
    My customer suggestion is : don’t buy it!

  20. kadal

    i want the model

  21. miggy

    the girls really hot

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