Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

Designed by Valentin Vodev, Roller Buggy is a multi-functional baby stroller that transforms into a scooter with a simple pull of the lower body.

Child Safety: Roller Buggy has a specially-made hydraulic brake system with two disk brakes that enable speed reduction at any time. There is also a safety belt on the child’s seat.

Roller Buggy Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller Scooter

Roller Buggy Scooter

Roller Buggy

Roller Buggy VIdeo

Baby Carrier and Scooter Hybrid

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  1. Vy Tran

    It’s nifty, but isn’t it a bit dangerous to be scooting around with a baby in tow?

  2. Rajarshi Chaudhuri

    Should be tested with pets – like dogs, cats, pythons first :-)

  3. Madhumalti

    I think this is really cool! Would love to have one! How much does it cost?!

  4. tech-mad


  5. Coco

    That is a baaad idea…

  6. JAMER


  7. Numanul Subhani

    Its not very good idea…. I think a bit dangerous to be scooting around with baby in a stroller…

  8. Mark

    All it is missing is some rocket power or a turbo engine or something to COMPLETELY scare the baby out of its wits.

  9. Will

    dangerously awesome.

  10. Mikonous

    Cool, like the baby will be the crumple zone in a crash. I hope the designer has a really good lawyer.

  11. XK9

    Without brakes, this is an awful accident waiting to happen.

  12. XK9

    Oh, there’s a brake. Still maybe the baby should face the parent or strollerblader?

  13. Troy Peterson

    Ahh… even WITH a brake, this is an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Scooters have very little control, and as a father, I would never put my child in something like this.

    It is a creative product though, so I do appreciate that. I just don’t see anyone actually backing this product.

  14. mostafa

    nice, but what about it’s safety?
    is it realy safe?

  15. Ben

    The only way I can see this working is if the wheels have a built in damper, to ensure that the speed will not extend far beyond walking pace, even when going downhill.

  16. Steve

    This is how I roll

  17. Graydian

    im not sure what to think. however when i was a baby i enjoyed speed in my pram. i think thats what made me an adrenaline junkie. it seems wrong somehow.

  18. ant

    haha. I agree, the designer it risking the life of the child, irony it may seems, but the designer never fail to lure out the playful side of young parents.

  19. Virginia

    Put a baby or any living creature in this? NO! Put groceries or books or packages or shopping in it? Yes! Put a basket in place of the baby seat and you’re set to go shopping.

  20. Magy

    GOOD IDEA yeiiii!!!!!!

  21. Beezy

    wow. such a great idea!

  22. Hsoj Spillihp

    wow… this is one of those ideas that is good when you first think about it… but then trash it after you kill a few babies… good effort though.

  23. jt

    great idea. probably works really well for that doll. how about a real baby, though?

  24. Aws

    cool but not safe

  25. delere

    I could see this idea being used for a small shopping cart for those of us who walk to the grocery store.

  26. Ders

    I get the concept but the idea of using one freaks me out… it doesn’t seem safe to me at all – they say there’s brakes for speed reduction but if you were walking and something came in front of your buggy you could just stop dead. If you tried to jump off the scooter to stop dead you almost certainly would injure your foot/leg off the scooter base.

  27. Anthony Proulx

    I have a stroller similar to this, in that it transforms, from stroller, to crib, to 2 wheeler, to rocker, etc, it looks a lot like this one.

  28. bridgette collins

    i wish to buy one! i wonder how much is it or is it for sale by now? ;)

  29. lynn

    I’m a senior and it’s the four wheel scooter I need!… with a place to hold groceries etc. Stable because I am less dexterous than I once was but can use the exercise. Can it be adapted for a basket to carry shopping, fold up at store to go under a grocery cart (or just push in the store as I shop)…

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