Half Scale Luxury Cars for Kids

Half Scale Luxury Cars for Kids

Harrington Group sells half size replicas of classic luxury cars that can be driven by children over the age of 6 and small adults.

Powered by 50cc gas or a racing kart engine, all cars come with electric start, disk brakes, reverse gear, working lights and a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Cars for Kids

Half Scale Porsche 356

Tiny Car

Red Porsche 356

Porsche 356 Replica

Half Scale Porsche 356

Half Scale Mercedes Benz 300SL

Half Scale Mercedes Benz 300SL

Half Scale Mercedes Benz

Half Scale Jaguar E-type

Half Scale Jaguar E-type

Half Scale Jaguar

Half Scale Bugatti T35

Half Scale Bugatti T35


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  1. G


  2. dave e.

    I’m 6’6″. If I can find a way to fit in one.. I am SO there.

  3. Dalla

    I want one.

  4. timmay

    wow, im speechless, i want one!!!!!!

  5. Stephan


  6. Katybeth

    So indulgent….there are kid without even shoes…or enough food….Awful really…on the other hand my kid would look pretty cool in that red Porshe….just saying….

  7. jumanicus

    if these are half scale cars for kids, why are they all being driven by adults? but what i just pointed out is too silly to squander my day making a point. but these little teeny weeny cars are magnificent, id love one as much as the next guy.

  8. desing picnic

    Ohhhh, they look great!

  9. Y. tsye

    they are wonderful for kids. it’s so weird to be driven by an adult

  10. Kelven Cheah

    i wan Mercedes Benz 300SL

  11. Art of Concept

    I want one too!! Very nice!!

  12. pete

    What does FTW mean ?

  13. Stephen

    FTW is short for = For The Win

    I dont find it all that indulgent. no more than a person buying a new car that had a used one to begin with. It is a hobby. If we could all cure world hunger by giving up our hobbies i am sure we would. But we cant. So enjoy….

    The internet is also indulgent for that matter…. Just saying…

  14. dave e.

    “For The Win”

  15. Karin L.

    So Cool !!! I want one!!!

  16. Midet

    You know, for kids!
    Seriously I want.

  17. Raads

    @ jumanicus, its not like kids can drive XD
    And, i think they also wanted to show how small the car is by putting adults, cuz u can see where the adults come on the cars :D
    i really LOVE this idea, and i love whoever thought it up, cuz when i was a kid i always used to want a miniature adult world for me…dont even ask…
    XD :D :P :) <:0D

  18. waldo

    Harrington Group could make 60-65% scale versions, electric driven, and sell the hell out of those in Florida and Arizona retirement villages. It’d be a hoot!

  19. jumanicus

    @raads, touche

  20. Critical Eye

    These look like they are way less than half scale. Still I really want one of each!

  21. Niyari

    I would totally drive to school in one of these!!!!

  22. lio

    lucky children. i want go back my childhood…

  23. VinceVega

    They made a mini Escalade…but it’s the same size as a Toyota 4runner.

  24. Laurie Smith

    How much is the Porsche? Thank u,

  25. jess

    for kids theres only adults in them!

  26. me

    love the idea and i want one. this i can definitely see for people who have wanted these cars in life, but never been able to afford it. it would be a greatttt to have and people can tell their friends that they just bought a porche ;D

  27. Johnclave

    great post lucky kidz i hope if i would be able to fit into it i would like to drive half scale jaguar

  28. Roland from Poland

    where we can bay mini cars?

  29. Caroline Anthony

    I want to purchase.

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