Romotow Futuristic Mobile Home

Romotow Futuristic Mobile Home

Innovative mobile home with transformative design and rotating cabin that expands its living space by a whopping 70%.

Step into the future of mobile living with Romotow, the epitome of cool design in the world of caravans.

Press a button and watch the entire cabin swivel 90 degrees, revealing a modern L-shaped floor plan and panoramic windows.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a weekend wanderer, Romotow takes your journey to a whole new level.

Ultimate in comfort, convenience, and, let’s not forget, that beautiful deck with a roof – your personal gateway to outdoor bliss.

Compact on the road, spacious at your destination! Romotow’s automated setup is a game-changer, making camping a breeze.

Romotow Caravan

Futuristic Mobile Home


Romotow Camper

Romotow Camper Trailer

Romotow Trailer

Romotow Ultimate Mobile Home

Romotow The Ultimate Mobile Home

Romotow Mobile Home

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