Hang Glider on Wheels

Hang Glider on Wheels

StreetFlyer is a human powered vehicle designed for people who want to experience hang gliding without the associated risks.

The transition from running into a flying position is facilitated using a body harness that is attached to the structure.


Street Flyer

Hang Glider Tricycle

Hang Glider

Hang Gliding

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  1. Bob


  2. jumanicus

    that is the coolest thing i have ever seen

  3. miggy

    nice girl, not so nice bike?

  4. peppy

    Let’s see it go up the hill.

  5. Alin

    it’s interesting but i’d like to see it go up the hill yea!

  6. EugiKo

    very strange thing O_o

  7. blurt

    don’t drop your knees…

  8. Andrew

    I don’t get it …if anything they should take it to the top of one of those hills and go down over the grass at least then they would get some speed up

  9. Carlos

    Correct that toxel manager, it is not human powered it is gravity powered…

  10. Bryce

    If i see someone using one of those, I will shake my head.

  11. Atavistica

    Unfortunately unlike hang gliders there appears to be no way to use thermals to gain hight, so this model is a bit of a one-trick pony sadly.

    There is a roller-coaster in the UK called ‘Air’ which allows such a riding position, but is a little faster.

  12. Tom

    I would appreciate less of the totally useless stuff here on toxel. It makes the design industry seem like a joke.

  13. Dudeski

    Possibility of scraping kneecaps? Oww

  14. gnarf

    whats wrong with a ordinary bike?

  15. Omega

    And it’s got disc brakes!!!!!!!

  16. Reilly

    Just when I thought nothing could get more stupid on this blog, something comes and steals the crown.

  17. Mark

    Maybe a good start? might be cool if one could pedal the real wheel like a stair stepper? maybe

  18. Kirvi_Inci

    It would be fun in hilly areas if you could get up enough speed to make it back up the hills.

  19. AndySixbvb

    This is really stupid. I mean , really? What’s wrong with regular bikes?

  20. Richa

    How stupid is that…I think hang gliding is much safer! This is NO fun and too much hassle! Just ride a bike instead!

  21. Louise

    this is like the “IT” by mr/mrs garison..
    3/10 for me

  22. Li

    that looks tiring

  23. punjabe

    HAHAHA this is a really bad invention!

  24. Duzn T. Matter

    Every great idea has to start somewhere. I’m guessing Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions brought on the naysayers during his time, but he turned out to have a couple good ideas. I encourage people to appreciate the creativity of this persons passion towards hang-gliding, and offer constructive criticism as opposed to the purely negative remarks…. Let he who is without fault cast the first stone!

  25. gifi

    looks uncomfortable

  26. Ursa Minor

    great prototype… there are some things that look a bit concerning about this though. The steering looks akward and cumbersome and it seems to be purely gravitational to gain momentum if there were a pedal system to help in going up hill that would help make it human powered. however the only energy transfer the human is offering in this current state of the prototype is the weight which gravity is pulling on. The wheel base is a bit far in expanse to be able to negotiate a tighter turn. over all it’s a great idea those are simply my thoughs on how it could be improved upon.

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