Universal Robotic Gripper

Universal Robotic Gripper

Scientists have developed an innovative robotic gripper based on the jamming of granular materials.

Fingers were replaced by balloon with ground coffee that, when pressed onto an object, flows around it and conforms to its shape. Upon application of a vacuum, gripper hardens and holds the object.

Jamming Gripper

Universal Jamming Gripper


Robotic Gripper

Universal Gripper

This project was a collaboration between the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and iRobot Corporation.

  1. Julie

    That’s very very very clever

  2. rodsampera

    That’s thinking out of the box.!!

  3. Darrell

    *What Julie said

  4. James Ward

    Yet another reason to invest in iRobot (IRBT), as if the robotics demonstrated in the Gulf during the oil spill wasn’t enough.

  5. Steve

    THIS Is why i love science :D.. good job boys.

  6. jumanicus

    this would make a good prosthetic

  7. steven


  8. agung

    Doraemon hand!! It seems fujiko fujio got the idea first ^_^

  9. Juliana

    This is very clever especialy for those thst are diasbled

  10. The Hooded claw

    Not only clever but tasty too. Starbucks Universities science academy doing some fine thinking here.

  11. Ben

    And this is the first step in inventing Doraemon! his hands! =D now they have to invent his pocket, tail and ears =x

  12. James Anzalone


  13. Atavar

    Many congratulations, the raw egg was particularly impressive.

  14. 2LV2

    Very Significant!

  15. Xuchilbara

    Is that a Doraemon’s hand?
    I wonder if Fujiko F.Fujio actually seeing this in the future and put it in his manga…

  16. jaqi mugo

    Awesome post! Imagine the possibilities :D

  17. ugh

    Wtf is Doraemon

  18. Manpreet

    I love this!
    I really want to touch the squishy part
    Very imaginative and clever

  19. Stuart Halliday

    Nice idea, but it still can’t pick up individual objects and hold onto multiple objects like the human hand did at the start. :-)

  20. Jane

    Watching the video without sound, kinda just looks like he’s massaging a nutsack.

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