10 Unusual Vacuum Cleaners

10 Unusual Vacuum Cleaners

Collection of modern vacuums and unusual vacuum cleaner designs that will help you clean your house in style.

USB Vacuum

This cool retro designed vacuum plugs into your computer’s USB port to help you keep your work area dust free.

USB Vacuum

Alessi Handheld Vacuum

Beautiful handheld vacuum cleaner design by Stefano Giovanonni.

Alessi Handheld Vacuum

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

This scaled down version of the Zamboni Ice Cleaner is a perfect little companion for your desktop. Re-created as a desk vacuum, Zamboni will help keep your desk clean.

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Computer Mouse Vacuum

This cool gadget is a combination of a simple 800dpi optical mouse and a miniature vacuum cleaner that keeps your desk free of dust.

Computer Mouse Vacuum

Tango Autonomous Vacuum

Samsung’s new vacuum features 13 sensors, built in camera, and a new crash avoiding system. It can even vacuum your bed.

Tango Autonomous Vacuum

SwivelNeck Vacuum

Miele vacuums break the boundaries between upright and canister, combining the very best of both worlds into one maneuverable design and allowing you to effortlessly move the vacuum in any direction.

Miele SwivelNeck Vacuum

Vacuum Shoes Concept

Electrolux has designed a pair of vacuum shoes that suck up dirt from the floor as you walk from room to room.

Vacuum Shoes Concept

R2-D2 Vacuum

Cool vacuum design inspired by the iconic droid from Star Wars.

R2-D2 Vacuum

Food Sealer Vacuum

Frisper makes a tiny opening in the bag, removes air and creates an airtight heat seal to protect your food.

Frisper Vacuum Food Sealer

Backpack Vacuum

Ergonomic backpack vacuum moves with you so you don’t have to drag a heavy regular upright vacuum cleaner around your house. [more]

Backpack Vacuum

  1. melocotoncita

    I love the USB vacuum!

  2. KKL

    The Tango Autonomous Vacuum caught my attention.. but that could be just what’s in the picture… :D

  3. carlos

    Into 10 year olds are you?

  4. angela

    If I had those shoe vacuum I’d vacuum all day. hahah

  5. Critical Eye

    What, no Roomba?

  6. Stefan

    no more Star Wars please!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Toyama

    Miniatures are cute

  8. Gladys

    What, no Flowbee (http://www.flowbee.com) or AirCut (http://www.aircut.com)?

  9. Karin L.

    I love the Frisper but is it just one more gadget???

  10. B

    While the Samsung vacuum is neat, I think some credit is due to iRobot and their own automated cleaning robots.

    I <3 Roomba


  11. Decent Comedy

    Cleaning is FUN now :)

  12. em

    The backpack reminds me of Ghostbusters

  13. Reilly

    I heard about the Zamboni desk vacuum on the radio… hoping it would make it on this list when I saw the post… Yay :D

    I want one for school… just for fun :P

  14. jes

    I had to use a backpack vacuum at a restaurant i used to work at and one cook used to make ghostbuster jokes all the time

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