Real Life of Barbie and Ken

Real Life of Barbie and Ken

Clever photo series by talented photographer Dina Goldstein brings Barbie and Ken into the real world and shows their day-to-day life.

“In the Dollhouse”: Full size replica of Barbie and Ken’s house with stylish pink interior was constructed in the studio and then photographed.

Barbie and Ken in Real Life

Barbie and Ken

Real Life Barbie and Ken

Dina Goldstein Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ke

Dina Goldstein In The Dollhouse

Photographer Dina Goldstein

Real Life of Barbie

In The Dollhouse

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  1. Pearl Lamie

    HaHaHa! LMAO!

  2. Barbie

    why is Ken gay? you sickos with a twisted mind

  3. Justme

    Really funny

  4. Ken

    I’m Ken and i find this offensive

  5. Sepehr

    Ken’s comment just made my day.
    Made.. My… Day :))

  6. criticaleye

    So this whole series is about Ken being gay? Seems like the artist could have dug deeper and found other fun things to say.

  7. nessa

    this is so uncalled for. cheating on his “wife”. this is a real problem in todays world and showing it as a joke is WRONG!! making ken gay is a whole nother story … also very wrong!

  8. Junnie

    I’m irritated with Nessa’s comments. Cheating being a valid issue in today’s society is not grounds for the artist to change their concept to conform to your sterilized idea of art.

    Honestly, this was done extremely well. Ken is fabulous. I don’t approve the idea of stereotyping in general, but I think the artist is just expressing how they view the relationship between Barbie and Ken if such characters existed in real life.

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