Innovative Laser Bike Lane Concept

Innovative Laser Bike Lane Concept

LightLane is an innovative device that makes it safer for cyclists to travel at night by projecting a well defined laser bike lane onto the pavement.

With a wider margin of safety, bikers will regain their confidence to ride at night, making the bike a more viable commuting alternative.

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 2

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 3

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 4

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 5

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 6

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 7

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 8

LightLane Prototype Video

Innovative LightLane Bike Lane Concept 9

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  1. Bersam

    :D ! i should buy one for my bike !

  2. Periodismo Basura

    Wow, very nice, I want one for my bike!

  3. Siti Web Bologna

    Useful idea for bikers and drivers!

  4. erwin15155


  5. tymcat

    Excellent idea!
    There is one drawback though: There is danger of an eye getting accidentally hit by the laser when the bike topples (the laser doesn’t protect you from pitholes or one glass too much…)
    Adding an acceleration sensor to stop the laser when its level is too flat might help it to pass German TÜV ;)

  6. neo007

    Very good idea ! I want it for my bag ! It’s cool and fun !

  7. betty

    Love it!

  8. nekomata

    “:D ! i should buy one for my bike !”

    That would be great to have one! Only a concept ? :/

  9. Den

    I find this concept amazing!
    So creative, simple, yet really great!

  10. coldclimate

    Such a simple idea for improving safety – might even be possible without lasers by using some high power leds?

  11. Numanul Subhani

    Its a great innovative idea….. !!!

  12. carlos

    Great video….. at the 2:10 mark the cyclist makes a left turn from the far right against the red light….. It’ll take more than a light show to protect someone pulling that stunt, and it’s exactly why all of us have to deal with irate motorists who think that all bike riders feel above the law….. Thanks…..

  13. Beezy


  14. Peter Cooper

    The lane should be beamed in front of the bike, otherwise you might accidentally cycle out of it.

  15. Kevin

    “The lane should be beamed in front of the bike, otherwise you might accidentally cycle out of it.”

    Ummm…when you move, the lanes move. What you’re suggesting is physically impossible. =P

  16. George

    I think they need to adjust or offer a version that projects out three feet (which, I suppose, would require calibration) to go with the new three foot laws in TX, CO, NJ, and many other states.

  17. Cathie

    George –

    Sadly, the would-be 3-foot law did not pass in Texas. Our dim-witted Gov. Perry (a cyclist himself!) chose to veto SB 488.

  18. Rich

    Lasers are always cool, but I don’t really get it. What’s the point? Other than it’s just another light how does it make a cyclist safer? It seems like it would just be a distraction for motorists. I know if I drove up on someone with this I would be trying to figure out what the laser light on the ground was and totally be distracted for actually driving.

  19. skip

    The comment about the left turn from far right is off, I think……The cyclist appears to be turning LEFT from a ONE WAY to a ONE WAY, so he is not turning across oncoming traffic. This is not something to IRATE vehicle operators.

    It also appears that both roads are single lane with on street parking. Seems to me that staying to the right is a residual safety precaution in case he is NOT SEEN from behind on approach from motorists.

  20. Xiara


  21. Andy W

    Wonderful. I work for SPIE, a professional society for Optics and Photoincs engineers. This will be a big hit at work.

  22. ChipSeal

    So great! You should make a real big one that can be attached to my, you know, car- soes when I am forced to drive home after a night out with the boys, you know, I can always be in a lane. How cool would that be!

  23. Cameron B

    Re: Skip, right on red.
    Although at 2:10 it appears to be red, at 2:13 you can make out a green light. Whatever the light was, the car filming went through too. Turning from the right lane may have just been part of the demo…

  24. fred_dot_u

    The three foot law is here in Florida and it’s completely meaningless and useless. Motorists and police alike are usually unaware of the law. It is unenforceable as well, because there is rarely an officer around to witness such a violation.

    Learning to ride safely, via the LAB Traffic Skills courses make such laws unwarranted and make the rider that much safer in the process.

    Learn to take the lane, learn to control your position and manage your own safety and these useless laws and useless devices become meaningless.

    This laser light is only visible in extreme darkness and good quality lights on the bike are far more valuable than a stripe on the road, either painted by laser or done in white paint.

    Bike lanes are not the end-all, be-all to safe riding. More often than not, they lead inexperienced riders into situations more dangerous than having no lane markings at all.

    Education and training, not gadgets, laws and paint stripes, will make all the difference.

  25. Boston Bike Rider

    Wow! I ride between brookline and cambridge every day! This would be awesome to have during those fall/winter rides home.

    You have to get this thing into production!

  26. ray

    How do I get one?

  27. edz

    Nice idea,just needing to become reality and start manufacturing,would definitely buy one of those!:)

  28. Dino Cruz

    Wow. I thought this was just a concept. Can’t wait for it to be commercially available. Hope they can still add the silhouette of the bike in between the lightlanes. That would make it perfect.

  29. baba

    nicc!!! i like it

  30. PZarwono

    nice, usefull, where i can buy it

  31. russ

    where/when can i get one (preferably with the bicycle icon)

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