15 Cool and Unusual Speakers

15 Cool and Unusual Speakers

The most innovative and creative speakers that will fill your room with sound.

Pipe Speakers

Unique audio speakers handmade out of PVC pipes by Eric Nelson.

Pipe Speakers

Transparent Speakers

Beautiful horn shaped loudspeakers designed by Ferguson Hill.

Transparent Speakers

Panda Speakers

Adorable panda shaped USB powered speakers for your desk.

Panda Speaker

Bookshelf Speakers

Modern bookshelf features an iPhone dock and two speakers.

Bookshelf Speakers

Coffee Table Sound System

Acoustable table comes with built in speakers and audio system.

Coffee Table Speaker

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers

Stylish concept speakers allow you to focus the sound on just yourself, or spread the signal around the room.

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers

Hi-Fido Speakers

Limited edition ceramic speakers designed by Matteo Cibic Studio.

Hi-Fido Speaker

Balloon Speakers

Colorful ball shaped rechargeable speakers from YUENTO.

Pig Speakers

Series of speakers that resemble cute pigs designed by IDEA.

Pig Speaker

Stereo Stilettos

Engaging sound from these speakers will sweep you off your feet.

Stereo Stilettos

Shower Speakers

MP3 shower head from Bossini comes with built in speakers that will play music from your iPhone.

Shower Speakers

Stove Speakers

Old stove was transformed by Tyler Held into a stereo system.

Stove Speakers

Woofer Speakers

Creative speakers designed by Sander Mulder and Dave Keune.

Woofer Speakers

Zikmu Speakers

Cool speakers designed by Philippe Starck exclusively for Parrot.

Parrot Zikmu Speakers


This useful device amplifies the volume emitted from an iPhone internal speaker by roughly 4x (approx. 60 decibels).


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  1. Bob

    Panda and Woofer FTW!

  2. Ethan

    Stove is BY FAR the best one on here. I’m surprised we haven’t seen it before. Perfect shapes for a sound system, well done.

  3. simon

    stove speaker’s are awesome dam beautiful

  4. Zunny

    HI FIDOS for me

  5. cchana

    definitely unusual!

  6. viewer

    That panda thing is awesome, made me smile on a crappy day.. :) Don’t like headless dogs, though.

  7. Adriana

    I just love the Hi-Fido Speaker, it’s so cute! All of them are original and cool, nice collection!

  8. dave e.

    The PVC schtick was done YEARS ago by Hammacher Schlemmer. Their’s were much taller, like 3 or 4 feet, but the same approach.

    The stove is the winner, by far.

  9. Van

    @ethan i cant tell if that was sarcasm cuz this is the series of tubes, but if so hahahaha

  10. Reilly

    The woofers are hysterical.

  11. Househangover

    Love the woofers and phono… The stove is way ugly

  12. MeerashX

    Shower and Coffee table FTW !

  13. Ben

    The stove may be pretty but it’s the WORST idea on here… it’d be FILTHY in a week.

  14. Larna

    Woofer and Zikmu speakers are ugly and not creative at all.

  15. Critical Eye

    Some of these look neat, but how many would actually recreate sound well?

  16. shan

    stove and stilettos are WTF

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