27 Modern Speakers and Sound Systems

Modern Speakers and Sound Systems

Modern speakers and creative sound systems from all over the world.

Modal Speakers

Created by Japanese designer Kunihiro Tsuji, a single Modal speaker is able to deliver ambient sound due to the vertical sound emission.

Modal Speakers

X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker

Just pop open the capsule and extend the speaker – this opens the resonance chamber and increases bass response. At full charge, the speaker can run for nearly 8 hours.

X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker

Boom Box Speakers

“Fold it yourself” mini Boom Box stereo for your iPod or other MP3 player. Complete with real, fully working and amplified speakers.

Boom Box Speakers

Munny Speakers

Learn how to create your own Munny speakers out of a vinyl doll.

Munny Speakers

500XL Speakers

Sometimes bigger IS really better, especially when it comes to sound. These speakers are 500 times the size of the original iPod earbuds.

500XL Speakers

Speech Bubble Speak-er

Speak-er are high-qualtiy multimedia speakers that plug directly into your computer or MP3 player.

Speech Bubble Speak-er

Wireless Freewheeler Speaker

Simply plug in your audio source into the included transmitter and roll the Freewheeler around your house, it will play your tunes remotely.

Wireless Freewheeler Speaker

Sonicum Speaker System

Sonicum is a 3-piece speaker subwoofer set. It can be connected to the line-in port of any audio source, such as a CD player, a computer, or a synthesizer.

Sonicum Speaker System

Rithm Speakers

Danish company Davone’s Rithm speaker combines top-quality sound with a parabolic work of art.

Rithm Speakers

Speaker Buddies

Speaker Buddies are designed to work in pairs. They can be placed in any environment and as they are lightweight they can be moved with little effort.

Speaker Buddies

Apple Shaped Speakers

Creative apple shaped digital USB Laptop speakers.

Apple Shaped Speakers

Zeppelin iPod Speaker System

Zeppelin is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins, the makers of the speakers that much of the music on your iPod will have been made using.

Zeppelin iPod Speaker System

iH15W Color Changing Stereo System

Two Reson8 speakers and a passive subwoofer provide enhanced audio sound and give life to every song. Select your favorite color or let the color cycle set the scene.

iH15W Color Changing Stereo System

Turntable Speaker Mixer

Mix it up! Tiny turntable-style speaker allows you to not only amplify your music, but let’s you scratch (ie – add fun preprogrammed sound effects to your jams) as well.

Turntable Speaker Mixer

Egg Speakers

Creative egg-shaped speakers allow you to wobble them like a Weeble while you listen to your tunes.

Egg Speakers

USB Hub Card Reader Speakers

Multifunction at its best, a 3-1 USB hub, card reader and egg shaped speakers.

USB Hub Card Reader Speakers

Dutch Dead Bbudd Speaker System

Dead Bbudd speaker system looks like some sort of naugahyde-wrapped dude with his eyes X’d out. The speakers are embedded into his feet, pumping out the tunes as he sits on your desk.

Dutch Dead Bbudd Speaker System

360° Speaker Concept

A true, object-based surround experience. The speaker cones are internally attached to a spider-like structure which is invisible from the outside.

360 Degree Speaker

Ceramic Paper Speakers

Thin paper ceramic loudspeakers made from discarded musical scores and clay. The ceramic columns amplify sound from your strategically placed earbuds to broadcast music like regular speakers would.

Ceramic Paper Speakers

Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution Kit

The Yorozu Audio kit lets you use just about anything as a speaker! Starting with the included paper milk carton “speaker”, all you do is place the vibrating extension onto a surface with the included adhesive sheets, plug in your audio source, and have an instant audio speaker.

Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution Kit

Pea Speaker Concept

The Pea Speaker system is bound to be costly, incurring damages from being tossed around, but that’s what designer Lu Le wants – a playful way to share music. Each pod holds 7 wireless bluetooth speakers.

Pea Speaker Concept

Reppo II Boombox Backpack

Reppo II is a hardshell boombox backpack with integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifier.

Reppo II Boombox Backpack

JVC Sound Garden Concept

“Kirikabu” speaker combines your choice of potted plants with multi-directional speakers consisting of a woofer, and left/right-channel stereo speakers powered by an internal amplifier.

JVC Sound Garden Concept

BeoLab 4 Speakers

Perfect for PC speaker applications, as well as smaller rooms in need of a less dominating speaker size.

BeoLab 4 Speakers

iH85B iPod Speaker

Water-resistant iPod speaker that connects to your bike’s frame. Handlebar mounted remote control allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes.

iH85B iPod Speaker

Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player

Despite its small size and light weight, Rolly produces surprisingly clear sound. With 180-degree horizontal opposed stereo speakers, listeners can enjoy high sound quality from nearly anywhere.

Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player

Waterproof iPod Speakers

Taiwanese design company Nova has come up with a waterproof speaker system for iPod that looks like a tube of shower gel.

Waterproof iPod Speakers

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  1. Megan

    Giant iPod earbuds are hilarious!

  2. Paul Sample

    the speech bubble speaker is great haha

  3. mahdi

    very good

  4. Dany

    Very interesting speakers and systems. I want some of this :D

  5. KA

    the waterproof case is the best! Listening to music in the bathroom has always been a challenge for me… You cannot bring anything that works with elecrticity in the bathroom, it must be waterproof (hard to find, expensive..) or the player itself must be outside. I actually went that far to install speakers connected to my computer’s audio system (cold, hard wires, nothing fancy), but I didn’t have any remote control capability… The volume isn’t a problem, after a few times, you get the perfect level, changing tracks isn’t either… the real problem is when someone sits in front of your computer, and starts using a “big red button”-type app. You know the drill: pre-recorded farts. Now that, or porn can be pretty annoying…

  6. gary

    some real gems here. The waterproof speaker is ingenious design.

  7. John Woods

    Wow, those are some of the coolest speakers I have ever seen!


  8. Rob

    Those earbuds are NOT 500 times larger. I just measured the standard earbuds, and they’re about 3.5″ long. If those earbuds, were 500 times larger, then they’d be about 0.33 miles long, or 1750ft. That’s ridiculous. Common sense much?

  9. laura sweet

    Those are great and boy do I have a list of more for you! check out these speaker designs!


  10. Johnny Anthony

    Oh yes !!!
    500XL Speakers looks cool:)

  11. Jmanlives

    I can’t believe you don’t have the BeoLab 5’s! http://www.bang-olufsen.com/beolab5

  12. Niall

    Some of these are very pretty, but I don’t think the phrase “high sound quality” should be in use anywhere on this page.

  13. Spirit

    love the waterproof one… i mean i do need it ^^

  14. Peter


    You actually tried to ‘measure’ how large the big earbuds were?

    Your still a virgin arn’t you…

    Anyhoo, the Rithm Speakers are simply stunning

  15. pickupjojo

    Really nice feature!

  16. michael

    Niall, if you think all these speakers just look pretty, you’re kinda wrong. I’ve seen & heard the ZEPPELIN and the quality of the sounds is amazing !!!
    well, it’s from B&W,

  17. arn z


    Maybe you should haved written “I didn’t pay attention in school or I might have guessed that 500x larger refers to the volume, so any one dimension would scale by the cube root of 500, or about 7.94, so 3.5” (What dimesion of an earbud is 3.5 “, BTW?) would become only a little over two feet, not 1750 feet.

  18. audey

    They all look great, but most leave me wondering about the acoustic properties.

  19. Ryan

    Also rob, 3.5″ * 500 =1750″ 1750/12 =145.83′.

    So your math was wrong, and as others pointed out, which dimension are you limiting yourself to?

  20. Estan

    Really nice feature!!

  21. herbz

    colour changing sterio system is amazing trust me ! :}

  22. muscleman

    have anyone of u used this H85B iPod Speaker???

  23. ali

    @muscleman it is usefull you can try man :)

  24. harry

    very good
    I live in iran
    i like you and my girl frend!!!

  25. Estan

    Very interesting speakers and systems. I want some of this :D .

  26. lovesflsun

    These all look nice, but I bet they all sound like crap!

  27. mehran

    oh my goooooooood… .

  28. nima

    that’s the best.go ahead

  29. amanullah

    it’s amazing, but i like more sony roll sound.

  30. Hamidreza

    Very nice!
    خیلی زیبا بود.

  31. gary

    Neat collection. You forget to include this beauty from Castiglione Morelli / Altec Lansing. :: A light bulb that’s actually a speaker ::


  32. Anton

    Very, very COOL!

  33. danielle

    I loveeee the beolab speakers and the waterproof ipod speakers and the munny speakers… XDDD so much creativity…

  34. kylehase

    The profile of the Rithm Speakers look like the Star Trek logo.

  35. Dave

    The ceramic paper speakers are are revolutionary…gotta love the wterproof ipod speaker

  36. yamaha

    ceramic speaker is totally cool, but i love the munny speaker best…thumbs up on SU!

  37. J. Martin

    Those are all really cool. I especially like the SonicUms; speakers that look like speakers? Great Stuff.

  38. alien64

    Here’s a piece of advice: don’t buy the XL500 speakers, the ones that look like the iPod headphones but bigger… what a waste of $50. The plastic is cheap and could break when dropped, and the quality of the sound is just awful. I recommend you stay away from it.

  39. Mel

    my friend actually has lego speakers. There not very loud but they look awesome:P

    And the lumppy bits that would connect a normal lego block are volume buttons :)

  40. JD

    Rock on

  41. Vicky

    the louder the better!

  42. thibel

    all awesome

  43. saghi


  44. andreas

    Oh yes !!!
    500XL Speakers looks cool:)

  45. ferko

    sound quality is more importanat than design, no guys?

  46. thea

    It really depends what you want from a speaker – if it’s more cheap plastic junk to clog our waterways then most of these will be perfect – but that’s not really want the planet needs. We need to be a little more conscious and buy things that are built to stand the test of time.

  47. thatisocool

    i love the waterproof ipod speakers!!! :D

  48. Frank

    really nice things!!!

  49. irwanS

    iH85B ipod speaker………..it’s cool….
    How do i get it…?!

  50. iQa

    nice article,, but what about bang o lufsen’s speaker? can’t wait for the update about this post,, ^^

  51. Rachael

    Awsome speakers…………I never read comments but I did this time (for once) lol and I am the 2nd 2010 commenter goo mee !!!!! :)

  52. un known

    love the apple speakers very creative!!

  53. someone

    all are really nice. ceramic ones and yoruzo sound kit are just amazing concepts…wow wow wow!!!

    munny doll ones are sick as well XD

  54. Su Kyi

    Awsome I like most 500XL among them. It is so cute

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