Cool and Unusual Toothbrushes

Cool and Unusual Toothbrushes

Collection of the most innovative, stylish, and creative toothbrush designs.

Twist and Brush Toothbrush

Innovative toothbrush incorporates a toothpaste deposit. Just twist the grip to push up the toothpaste before you brush your teeth.

Twist and Brush Toothbrush

Hooking Toothbrush

Creative solution to the toothbrush storage problem. Just hang it.

Hooking Toothbrush

Finger Toothbrush

Denticool portable toothbrush from Korea is made out of silicon.

Finger Toothbrush

Toothpaste Squeezing Toothbrush

Slotted toothbrush designed by Jee Young Choi provides a clever way of squeezing out that last drop of toothpaste.

Toothpaste Squeezing Toothbrush

Twig Toothbrush

Miswak is a teeth cleaning twig used mainly in the Middle East, Pakistan and India. The top is removed before use to reveal soft bristles.

Twig Toothbrush

Folding Toothbrush

Brillo foldable toothbrushes are designed for frequent travelers.

Folding Toothbrush

Standing Toothbrush

Upstanding toothbrush makes use of a weight at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base.

Standing Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

Environmental toothbrushes are biodegradable and sustainable.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Yumaki Toothbrushes

These modern toothbrushes made from 100% recyclable material. The bristles are 100% nylon and imported from Japan.

Yumaki Toothbrushes

Fountain Toothbrush

Brush and rise toothbrush redirects water from a faucet to your lips.

Fountain Toothbrush

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  1. bomberben

    Really awesome, good finds
    i’m confused about the twig one though

  2. Kelsey

    The squeezer one makes zero sense. Unless you have two toothbrushes, there is no way to squeeze it using the back of the brush and get it onto the bristles simultaneously.

  3. Sharyn

    Those are great. I kind of like the idea of the twig & bamboo ones that I assume are more ecologically friendly than my battery operated disposable brush.

    @Kelsey, if you follow the link for more information, the squeezer is meant to be used after the brush is retired – so you’re actually using it to squeeze onto a new brush. Although I guess if both you & your other half have the brushes, you could always steal their brush to squeeze

  4. SJA

    The way the squeezer one works, is that you squeeze it upwards and it gets all the toothpaste from the end of it. SO, then none of it’s wasted at the end.

  5. Pete

    The twig ones all look the same hanging on that rack. I’m guessing it’s not a real product? Or is it some sort of plastic? I know twigs have been used as brushes, but I didn’t know it was a retail item. Seems silly to package a stick. (Actually, looking at the link, I see the was a design exercise, not a real product.)

    Love the hanging brushes. Those are great for those of us who brush in the shower.

    Finger ones aren’t great for back teeth, unless you like gagging yourself.

    I could use a folding toothbrush for travel for sure.

    The wooden ones, if they feel anything like a dry wooden tongue depressor, would be terrible. I hate that feeling.

  6. Larna

    I think the Twig Toothbrush is very useful for the people who’s using Twig as their brushing instrument. Other inventions are great too!!

  7. Benjamin Christine

    those are really good! :) loving the fountain toothbrush and the standing toothbrushes!


  8. Andrew

    the fountain brush is pure genius. I am amazed the design is not used on all brushes now

  9. Helli

    The twig brushes (also called miswak or siwak) are insanely popular in Arab countries and among Muslims. In fact, the twig brushes have been used for thousands of years :)

  10. Rose

    Fountain brush is amazing.

  11. The Hooded CLaw

    Some nice ideas, I particularly like the folding brush and the hook brush, both nice simple ideas. Standing brush is cool aswell.

    My dog has a finger brush…

    Not impressed with the fountain brush, specially designed to direct water to your washroom floor?

  12. bert

    fountain brush is sooooo weird!!!

    i like it

  13. Danyell

    That hanging & standing brushes are smart. The silicon one…I think you meant to say “travel” toothbrush, not portable. They’re all portable. In fact, I can think of few things more easily portable than a toothbrush, except maybe a watch or wallet.

  14. Alex

    These are great innovations for toothbrushes. I love the bamboo brush.

  15. Shabaz

    I have used twig brush once, and there is nothing better than the teeth brushing experience I had with that one. It was like magic, and cleaned my teeth with a fresh sensation of mint.
    I heard that a month’s twig supply costs for about US$0.3
    Unfortunately, can’t find any miswak where I live now

  16. hmz

    last one is great

  17. Rob

    Love the fountain one. The folding one has been around for decades.

  18. Hugo

    Jaja the last one was ingenious :) Cool :)

  19. Broken Skeleton

    Loving the Standing Toothbrush, common sense really.

  20. Raads

    Yes, the miswak has magical cleaning capabilities, better than a toothbrush and toothpaste any day.
    Actually I think that’s where the toothbrush came from.. :)
    You guys should try it you know.

  21. 0803060.e

    whats with the Yumaki Toothbrushes?? ther just wavy.

  22. Darrell

    LOVE the twig, the fountain, and the twist and brush toothbrush. haha I want.

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