Rinser Toothbrush

Rinser Toothbrush

Useful toothbrush with built-in rinsing fountain redirects water to your mouth.

Rinser toothbrush designed by Scott Amron features replaceable head.

Rinser Brush

Scott Amron Toothbrush

Rinsing Fountain Toothbrush

Scott Amron

Rinsing Toothbrush

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  1. ts

    shut up and take my money

  2. Gert

    so… you don’t own any drinking glasses?

  3. criticaleye

    Fun! And no drinking glass to wash.

  4. zaher

    I think it is useful

  5. Gerald Nnasor

    I thought i wouldn’t need the running tap! Nice idea though.

  6. Mikey Taylor

    what a genius idea!

  7. Dev Choudhary

    What is use of button?

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