Paper Tattoos

Paper Tattoos

Beautiful and creative drawings tattooed on white paper by Copenhagen based artist Jacob Dahlstrup.

Raised three-dimensional lines, created with a needle of a tattoo machine, add depth and character to each artwork.

Paper Embossing

Tattoo on Paper

Paper Tattoo

Tattooed Paper

Tattoo Drawing by Jacob Dahlstrup

Tattoo Drawing

Tattoo Drawings

Paper Tattoos by Jacob Dahlstrup

Tattoo on Paper by Jacob Dahlstrup

Jacob Dahlstrup

Paper Tattoo by Jacob Dahlstrup

Tattooed Paper by Jacob Dahlstrup

Tattoos on Paper by Jacob Dahlstrup

Tattoo Art

Tattoos on Paper

Tattoo Paper Art

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

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  1. Douglas

    Picture 4 – you missed a spot.

  2. mi

    talented!!!! really nice!!!

  3. Gert

    Too too too too much time on my hands…

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