Beard Hat

Beard Hat

Creative beanie hat comes equipped with detachable and adjustable beard.

Foldaway design allows you to store the beard inside the hat for a clean shaven look. Beardo beard hat for winter. [order]


Hat with a Beard



Beardo Beanie

Beardo Hat

Beard Beanie

Beard Beanies

Beardo Beard Hat

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  1. Ninja Egg :D

    i liked the commercial. it looks like it’d keep you warm. Don’t think it should be worn by women. It just looks plain weird on them. I get what they are trying to do, but i think it might be a bit pointless. One thing i can say: name suits it well.

  2. kadal

    i like it

  3. Lilia Smiles

    umm….a little perplexed and wondering if people would buy, but intrigued at the same time O_o

  4. The Hooded Claw

    I love the picture on the ski lift. The other people look like they are trying to escape…

  5. MichaƂ

    It’s like the facewarmers from South Park :)

  6. Liz

    I saw this on Vat19’s YouTube! :DD Cool concept.

  7. simon

    Just grow a beard.

  8. Kid

    ^ HA!

    But still kind of neat.

  9. Ben

    I love it. Definitely cool AND useful.
    I think I’m going to order one. That would be so useful in Montreal when the cold wind is like needles in your cheeks.

  10. place name here

    Its the Galifianakis !

  11. Ryan

    Things like this make me wish it wasn’t a concept :(
    I want one!

  12. Darrell

    These are much cooler lookin than the Neff ones

  13. Jen

    This isn’t just a concept ! We sell these through our online store… Worldwide! !!

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