Wooden Watches

Wooden Watches

Beautiful watches crafted out of wood by talented Ukrainian artist, carpenter, and watchmaker Valerii Danevych.

Functional wristwatches made of wood take hundreds of hours to complete.

The body, strap, gears, and internal parts are all handcrafted out of wood.

Each creation is a work of art. Valerii Danevych also makes unique clocks, beautiful timepieces, and wooden pocket watches.

Wooden Watch

Wood Watches

Wood Watch

Watches Made of Wood

Watch Made of Wood

Watches Made out of Wood

Watch Made out of Wood

Valerii Danevych

Danevych Watch

Ukrainian Artist Valerii Danevych

Wooden Watches by Danevych Watch

Wooden Watch by Danevych Watch

Ukrainian Watchmaker Danevych Watch

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  1. Shilov

    I want!!

  2. Betty

    Very impressive!

  3. John Cline

    Very impressive LOOKING, but if the gears and other mechanical workings are also made of wood, would they not be much more subject to wear and tear than metal ones?

  4. Gert

    Holy cow just the engineering expertise alone… And finally a watch my skin wouldn’t ‘eat’. I’m all for it!

  5. Gabriel Tozarin

    It works! Cool, very cool!

  6. Handoko

    one word
    awesome !!!

  7. Monica

    Great idea, wonderful execution, I definitely want one!

  8. Arthur d

    I totally agree with John Cline…nice but the wooden parts will not wear like a jeweled movement…

  9. claud

    amazing !!!

  10. Swiper Fox

    Wood? Sorry, I can’t use it outside when it is raining.

  11. marsha Haggarty

    where can we buy these.

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