Waterfalls Made of Books

Waterfalls Made of Books

Spanish artist Alicia Martin creates unique and eye-catching sculptures out of thousands of recycled books.

Old books fall out of a second floor window and spill onto the street.

Creative book sculptures look like waterfalls frozen in time.

Books Waterfall


Waterfall of Books

Waterfall Made of Books

Alicia Martin

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Book Waterfall

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  1. Dave

    Better an artistic medium,
    than to enjoy reading them

  2. Overly-Concerned

    Those books could’ve been donated to The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good, instead of being made into this mediocre art.

  3. reason

    Why books? Could’ve used garbage and created the same thing.

  4. Habub

    Who’s got a lighter?

  5. beruz

    reason is right; why books?

  6. Wm

    Why not books?

  7. Gert

    Books are useful Wm. they could have used almost any other medium and gotten the same effect. This is just wasteful.

  8. Juli

    Houses puking books… yup, “reason”, garbage definitely would’ve been the better choice.

  9. jimbo

    Love the art, hate the medium.

  10. Libeerian

    You guys are reading too much into this.

  11. pTc

    Lets just hope that each book is another copy of 50 shades of Gray. Or one of its dire counterparts.

  12. Amanda

    Interesting, but what a huge waste of books.

  13. Rob

    Why does everyone get so upset when books are used in art? It’s not like they are in short supply, or a rare find. I’m sure the artist did not use limited editions or unique books. You could argue that you’re killing trees, however you don’t get the same reaction when art is made of wood. When you break it down books are just wood pulp. The only difference is the printed word. I didn’t hear anyone say what a huge waist of bicycle chains on one of the previous topics. Books are easy to come by and easy to print. Anyone who has a computer has a library at their finger tips.
    You could argue that the experience comes from actually holding the book and flipping pages, but then why are you reading this. Shut off the computer and pick up a news paper, or read a magazine. Ditch the internet because it is just as guilty of destroying books. Otherwise enjoy the art.

  14. Max

    Interesting project. I like the idea behind it, especially compared to her other (book) works which deal with books on different aspects. Nice job.

    Oh and everybody that is complaining, know for that every book that you own, there are about 10 (if not many more) copies of that same book by the same publishing and the same print run-rotting away on a garbage belt somewhere.

  15. Heartless

    why do people always complain when someone makes art out of books?

  16. Evans

    I could understand if some of these ‘artists’ never had any proper education.. only “art” or “liberal art” or “sculpting” or others so you guys didn’t understand the value of knowledge and the mediums which are used to preserve and deliver the knowledge.

    As a part of sophisticated, technology-and-knowledge driven, bright-minded, society, I feel terrible seeing this kind of art.

  17. Jay Eye

    Seriously people… do you know how many books are thrown out by libraries a year? After a while unread books need to be removed to make room for new/updated ones that people would read/use.

    On top of that, have any of you considered the attention this brings to books? It’s a beautiful method of highlighting an object that has been for the most part replaced in the modern world.

    Jeez people… take a breather. Shes recycling books to make inspiring art!

  18. E

    Well, books with missing pages or no longer legible cannot be donated. So why not books?

  19. Joel

    What happens when it rains?

  20. Bill

    As someone who has loved books his entire life, and used to be disturbed by the “abuse” of books as some others are on this thread, I’m going to throw in my $.02. Being a veteran of hundreds of book sales, garage sales with books, used bookstores, and employers with business libraries, I have seen more than enough books that would be perfect for this type of use. The 1978 Insurance Adjusters Rate Tables? A set of encyclopedias from 1965, missing the “Na-No” volume? Bound sets of “Better Homes and Gardens” from 1960-1975? User’s manuals for computers and software which no longer exist? Old college science and chemistry books which contain badly-outdated information? Pretty much anything by Ayn Rand? Yes, I love books, and I own thousands of them on paper. But there are _plenty_ of books out there whose usefulness has long vanished that I have no qualms about seeing used for art. And at the end of the day, they can still be recycled into new books!

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