Tricycle House

Tricycle House

Mobile home designed by PAO for people who cannot afford to own land in expensive and overpopulated cities.

Tricycle house is equipped with integrated sink, water tank, bathtub, and a stove. Innovative bed transforms into a dining table and a bench.

Modular design allows for expansion and interconnection between units.

The walls are constructed out of translucent plastic that lets in the light from the sun during the day and street lamps at night.

House on Wheels suggests a future embrace of temporary relationship between people and the land they occupy.

Tricycle Camper

Bike House

Hidden Sink

Bicycle Bathroom

Bicycle House

Pedal Powered House

Tricycle Trailer

Bicycle Trailer

Bike Camper

Tricycle Garden

Bike Trailer

Bicycle Camp

Bicycle Camper

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  1. Betty

    Modern Teepees!

  2. Islander

    Ready to attempt the Oregon Trail??

  3. Barrie G. Hall

    Hate to see that in winter area’s or high winds. Other then that nice idea.

  4. Sharyn

    Love it!

  5. Vinz Clortho


  6. Jimbo

    very creative, and resourceful. Living outside of the box, so to speak, and would beat living out of your car. Makes me ponder where it would be practical as I don’t see it in the USA.

  7. Gert

    This would be fine for a reasonably temperate climate. Anywhere very hot, cold or humid this thing would be miserable.

  8. aokiharu nervous just looking at.

  9. woo

    cool! I like the diverse communities you can create just by putting some tricycle houses together. (hey, bring the medow tricycle, we’re gonna have a picnic :)

  10. Ashes

    I think this would be great for disaster relief efforts. They breakdown fairly easily and can be transported via several different methods. I wonder how much they cost and how the Red Cross and other groups outside of China could get them.

  11. TwoOptions

    Only if I could employ a driver.

  12. anirazC

    This would totally encourage teenagers to run away whenever they get angry to their parents. “I hate you! I’m just going to live on my own inside my Tricycle House.” -__-

    Side note: Imagine having a tricycle homes park in your community like the trailer park ones. Haha

  13. dennis p

    How well the tricycle house hold up in the wind, or if it is breeze. Will it blow over. how well can you pedal into the wind. Will the house act as a sail and keep a person from pedaling forward???

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