Manly Baby Stroller

Manly Baby Stroller

Ultimate baby stroller designed by Czech auto maker Skoda for manly dads who do not like the look of ordinary strollers.

High performance baby stroller is equipped with 20 inch wheels, hydraulic suspension, brakes, side mirrors, and a headlamp for night walks.

Survey of 1000 dads uncovered that most of them would spend more time pushing the stroller if it was powerful and high tech.

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Manliest Baby Stroller

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  1. Jay

    *overcompensation strollers

  2. Betty

    It’s not complete unless it makes BROOOOOM! BRROOOOOM! noises.

  3. Al

    This is so amazingly stupid that I love it. Just imagine the looks you’d receive whilst going for a walk in the park, brilliant. Of all people to come up with this idea though, Skoda???

  4. Gert

    Strollers for guys with more money than brains. lol

  5. Thomas

    This stroller must be awfully heavy ! On most pictures the dad looks like he has to push real hard to make it move. Not sure it would be great on a steep hill..

  6. snailcat

    AKA the “My son will grow up to be a douche like me” stroller

  7. Feerko

    How do you frickin put it in the car if it’s half of the size of the car? What about going through doors? Or do you have to park it outside and leave it there, like normal car? :D

  8. Schmavis

    We have strollers like that in America too. We call them cars….

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