Modular Phone

Modular Phone

Innovative phone designed by Dave Hakkens is made out of detachable and easily replaceable blocks.

Modular smartphones can be customized and upgraded with latest parts.

Users will be able to add new camera, faster processor, and more storage space without the need to replace the actual phone.

Dave Hakkens teamed up with Motorola for development of Phonebloks.


A Phone Worth Keeping



Phone Blocks

Dave Hakkens

Modular Phone Concept

Modular Cell Phone

Modular Smartphone

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  1. Fakhri Dirgantara

    I think this could work IF other vendors co-operate with google and motorolla. Great idea btw

  2. Masteroche

    The Lego people will be exited!!

  3. Just escaped

    Great idea but one huge problem and that’s the cost of manufacture. Whilst having the experience of working with a contract electronics manufacturer I know the cost and complexity of manufacturing this phone would make it ridiculously experience to purchase. And with most solid state phones nowadays I’d also question the robustness of having so many interchangeable part. And why would you not want a camera on it! Or an antenna, or a battery, wifi, storage module etc etc. most of the interchangeable parts are a requirement for a phone anyway?

  4. Future designer

    Saw this on the dutch design week in the Netherlands and my jaw just dropped. I couldn’t believe no one (up till now) had thought of something like that! You might say that manufacturing will be expensive but people are already paying 700 dollars for the newest Iphone and those prizes keep getting higher… I think that starting up this project will be difficult and exspensive but I think it will be worth the investments. Can’t wait for it to actually go into production :)

    @Just escaped I think you are overlooking all the possibilities that this design offers. Yes most people would want a camera but they don’t all need to have the best of the best and because of that with this design you can decide what you are spending on your phone and what exactly you want to spend it on. While leaving room for updates in the future.

  5. Jimmy

    I really hope this concept becomes an product which we will be using soon! I generally hate high price smart phones because they get replaced within months of purchase which makes the users feel ripped off and it’s a stupid marketing scheme. I would happily pay money for a phone which is sustainable and allows full upgrades without discarding the phone. I just hope this doesn’t become a impossible idea, using a standard parts for multi add-ons would be complex…

  6. Dustin

    Good camera guy should also have some more storage for all of his pictures but he already traded in his wifi, bluetooth and audiojack space for his big camera.

  7. handoko

    like lego but i think its easg for break

  8. reza


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