Spilled Milk and Coffee Art

Spilled Milk and Coffee Art

Creative portraits of famous people drawn in spilled milk, coffee, tea, wine and other spilled liquids by talented French artist Vivi Mac.

Drinking straws are used as paintbrushes and various beverages and different types of food are used as canvas.

Bruce Lee

Spilled Milk


Spilled Coffee

Will Smith

Spilled Drink

Jack Sparrow

Spilled Liquid

Michael Jordan

Spilled Milk Art

Mona Lisa

Spilled Food


Spilled Coffee Art


Speed Painting by Vivi Mac


Spilled Art


Portraits by Vivi Mac

Lauryn Hill

French Artist Vivi Mac

Pope Francis

Artist Vivi Mac

George Clooney

Spilled Portraits

Nelson Mandela

Milk Portrait

Martin Luther King

Spilled Portrait


Art by Vivi Mac

Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Amy Winehouse

Spilled Portraits by Vivi Mac

Michael Jackson

Spilled Beverage

Vivi Mac

Vivi Mac

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  1. Ben

    Awesome art works

  2. Khurram

    v creative!

  3. nidaa

    Mind Blown! This is awesome!

  4. Betty

    Somebody is very talented!!

  5. Dominic


  6. Beruz

    vivi Mac! you’re a genius. i love all of them.

  7. Sid

    The last one looks almost real.

  8. kelly Tozarin

    Very nice!

  9. koi

    beautiful artwork

  10. Bandddi

    Whoever said not to play with the food, was wrong.

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