Wooden Vespa

Wooden Vespa

Beautiful scooter handcrafted out of wood by talented Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto for his daughter Daniela.

Unique wooden scooter looks and functions like the iconic Vespa Scooter.

Vespa Made of Wood

Wooden Scooter

Carlos Alberto

Vespa Scooter Made of Wood

Handmade Scooter

Handmade Vespa

Carpenter Carlos Alberto

Beautiful Vespa Scooter

Wooden Vespa by Carlos Alberto

Scooter Made out of Wood

Scooter Made of Wood

Wooden Vespa Scooter

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  1. kianoosh

    great hand made work.
    working with wood always transfer positive energy.

  2. JKent

    I hope it doesn’t overheat!!

  3. John

    I’m thrilled to see that there are still, honest-to-goodness craftsman out there. You can’t help but be impressed! Wow! Now here’s a thought: I wonder how much more it weighs than the original, aluminum unibody. It’s beautiful to look at, but I have to believe it’s a little underpowered for all the extra weight. (Perhaps he carved-up a little, wooden turbo-charger?)

  4. stefano


  5. A.Bundy

    impressive work, but it wont withstand the harsh weathering. rain and snow will destroy it eventually. why do you think that poly carbonate bodies are used when building vehicles?

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