Wooden Bicycle

Wooden Bicycle

Unique bicycle made of wood by talented Japanese designer Yojiro Oshima.

Bicycle frame, wheels, seat, and handlebar were all sculpted out of wood.

Yojiro Oshima, industrial design student at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, created this “Wooden Bicycle” for his final graduation project.

Beautiful wooden bicycle is handmade. Total weight is 14 kg (31 lbs).

Bicycle Made of Wood

Bike Made of Wood

Wooden Bicycle by Yojiro Oshima

Wooden Bike by Yojiro Oshima

Yojiro Oshima

Wooden Bike

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  1. Betty

    It’s beautiful!

  2. Chewie

    Wish they mass produced wooden bikes rather then metal ones, prob the lifespan of them would be much shorter but would be more environmentally friendly plus just a change on modern life. Ahh why no change? Anyways I’ve seen designs like this before, but I wonder if it actually works, would be so eye appealing to see it in London.

  3. John Cline

    Beautiful to look at, but I fear that it would be unpleasant to ride. There appears little provision for shock absorption, and I think it would be a very bumpy ride.

  4. Timothée R.

    A french company is actually producting an electric assisted bike with a wooden frame.

    But I aggre, I find this one beautifull but I would not ride it.

  5. Michele

    This bike is so pretty and sculptural, but I am sure an uncomfortable ride. They do mass produce bamboo bicycles.

  6. Gert

    This sure would not survive crumbling Michigan bike trails. More of an art piece than useful.

  7. AltF

    How is this green, when instead of using re-cycleable metal we cut down trees.
    Looks beautiful and uncomfortable.

  8. Alex

    A 31 pound bike? Ouch.

  9. Douglas

    Should have gone full wood – chain, sprockets, pedals, etc. Still, very nice.

  10. Pavel

    Beautiful, but not economically.

  11. Unicorn

    I can’t find the brake :P

  12. Roy

    That’s a piece of art! A beautiful creation although possibly not very comfortable :-)

  13. Rob

    Interesting how they left the brake and shift cables off of it. Wonder how it would detract from the look.

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