Smiley Face Screws

Smiley Face Screws

Creative screws designed by Japanese studio Yuma Kano spread joy and bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees them.

Manufactured by Komuro Seisakusho screw factory in East Osaka, Japan.

Smiley Face Screw

Happy Face Screws

Happy Face Screw

Yuma Kano Screw

Face Screws

Smiley Screws


Face Screw

Screw :)


Smiley Screw

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  1. James

    Nice thing for children but a pain in the ass for people who don’t have that screw type :@

  2. Wrexwas

    You would always have to make sure it only tightened to where it was right side up, too. And imagine if another person needed to remove that screw! What a nightmare for them. Very cute idea, not at all practical.

  3. Ashe

    Nice, I want and I would hate if I found this in something I needed to unscrew.

    P.S. I would probably just rage and tear it out!

  4. Dan

    Who says good security is never nice!

  5. T. Kikkert

    Yes, I do want to buy a couple of thousands of those! Screw everything in place with a smile!

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