Dinosaur Bicycle

Dinosaur Bicycle

Unique bicycle designed by Markus Moestue looks like a walking Dinosaur.

Dinosaur body made out of styrofoam with glass fiber coating is attached to custom three-wheeled bicycle. Mobile Dinosaur sculpture / creative bike.

Dino Bicycle

Dino Bike

Markus Moestue

Markus Moestue Dinosaur Bicycle

Markus Moestue Dino Bicycle

Markus Moestue Dino Bike

Dinosaur Shaped Bicycle

Markus Moestue Dinosaur Bike

Dinosaur Bike

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  1. Tahere

    Dino time!

  2. Ophelia


  3. Tom

    Why the training wheels?

  4. Swiper Fox

    Hmmm. A Dino-Rider…

  5. Johann

    And what about using an unicorn?!…

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