Book of Life

Book of Life

Beautiful sculpture created by David Kracov in honor of Rabbi Yossi Raichik, the beloved director of Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl organization.

Pages of the book transform into colorful butterflies, each representing thousands of children that were saved from the devastated region of Chernobyl and given new lives. The sculpture was crafted out of metal.

Book of Life by David Kracov

David Kracov Sculpture

Book of Life Butterfly Sculpture

David Kracov Art

Book of Life Sculpture

David Kracov

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  1. Diego


  2. cara

    thats brilliant….

  3. charu


  4. Art of Concept

    Awesome art! Great concept!

  5. Mon Sun C

    This is awesome! Love this

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I hope those children found wonderful new lives and could be free of fear as these butterflies.

  7. Ana Maria


  8. hamid

    really fascinating
    He is a talented guy

  9. Betty

    This is utterly beautiful and dedicated to such an amazing person and cause.

  10. shay

    Rabbi Yossi Raichik was a true inspiration!

  11. Mel

    Beautiful, really beautiful

  12. Dominic

    Pretty amazing….

  13. Gert

    Now this is a guy that gets the concept of imagery and symbolism.

  14. MMM

    Just breath taking.

  15. j

    what is it? just painted sheet metal?

  16. Lilia Smiles

    @j an artist can even make trash look beautiful…why not painted sheet metal? The Mona Lisa was only painted canvas.

  17. Kat

    @Lilia- I agree!!! but make sure that all those scavenger can be artist..

  18. mongolians


  19. Rob

    @Lilia Mona Lisa was painted on poplar not canvas.

  20. Lilia Smiles

    @Rob fine painted poplar but the details weren’t my point.

  21. Karlie

    Truly amazing!

  22. nina

    i love it!

  23. rey


  24. Cheryl

    this is absolutely beautiful, it is so very meaningful for so many reasons. I love the meaning behind the making of it.

    If I personally owned it, it would be to remember the children lost to rare diseases, including my son

    do you sell these sculptures or is it a one of a kind?
    truely beautiful

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