Tablecloth with Hidden Art

Tablecloth with Hidden Art

Innovative tablecloth designed by Kristine Bjaadal turns accidental spills into beautiful and wonderful artworks.

Hidden butterfly pattern appears when tablecloth gets wet. Sooner or later someone will spill their wine or coffee and your guests will be surprised.

Turn negative situation into a positive and unforgettable experience.

Underfull Tablecloth

Kristine Bjaadal



Innovative Tablecloth

Kristine Bjaadal Underfull Tablecloth

Kristine Bjaadal Tablecloth

Butterfly Tablecloth

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  1. Superman


  2. Kathy

    This is really very cool, and of course, I’m intrigued by how this ‘works’ in order to illuminate the hidden design.

    On the other hand, in most scenarios, the table is covered with place settings, centerpieces, utensils, etc., so even with a spill, I’m not sure whether the hidden design would be noticeable. The next obvious application would be for kids/toddlers placemats, but I suspect that it would encourage purposeful spills – not something most parents want to do.

    Is it washable? After washing, will it do the same thing or does the ‘resist’ wear off? While it could be interesting as a shower curtain, the shower water is clear, so there wouldn’t be the contrast which is what makes it interesting…

  3. Gert


  4. Tahere

    So we don’t to drink anything and we must drop our glass?

  5. Chari

    This is gorgeous!

  6. Douglas

    Spill, oops – hey thats cool. Everyone at dinner spills. Then – food fight?

  7. Mark

    Where was this when I was a kid???? They need to make this for carpets too! LOL

  8. james

    beautiful haha

  9. Gloria Priam

    This puts a whole new twist into a good fight . What fun!

  10. Johann

    I’d like to call it “designed by accident”. ;) Some projects with coffee drops have already been created, it’s a way to transform a confusing situation into some laughes.

  11. Fillibert

    Glasses and plates have moisture and condensation etc. You’ll ruin the tablecloth with rings and spots before anyone gets a chance to spill anything

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