Coffee Stain Art

Coffee Stain Art

Incredible painting made with coffee cup stains by Malaysian artist Hong Yi.

Hundreds of coffee stain rings, many of them broken and imperfect like fallen leaves, formed the portrait of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou.

Coffee Stains

Jay Chou Coffee Stain Portrait

Artist Paints with Coffee

Coffee Stains Art

Artist Paints with Coffee Stains

Jay Chou Portrait

Coffee Stain Painting

Hong Yi

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  1. MMM

    Not only does it look great, I bet it smells great too!

  2. The Unofficial Art Critic

    the patience it must have taken… wow

  3. The Thinking Insomniac

    WOW!!! BRAVO!!!

  4. Lilia Smiles

    I wonder when she gets tired does she drink some of her “paint” :)

  5. Mon Sun

    Cool, reminds me bit of pointillism except with coffee rings

  6. Betty


  7. Betty

    She’s actually an award winning architect–unbelievably talented.

  8. Gert

    Very very cool. I’d like to see some of her other pieces.

  9. Али

    Вот это красотища! Так наляпать красивенно! Умничка!

  10. Cheryl


  11. Dominic

    I concur, Brilliant!

  12. Thomas

    Stunning work I musy say :)

  13. O_O


  14. Jose Navarrete

    I must say this it is truly inspiring :)

  15. Bill

    Coffeeshopped… XD

  16. Edward Martinez

    Coffee… with cream & sugar???
    Was it Latte, Iced Coffee, with Cinnamon?

  17. Esther

    I love this concept but I am curious. What happens to coffee stain art over time? I am experimenting with it, but don’t want my pieces to mold. Is there any way sort of sealant that won’t ruin the piece?

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