Slug and Snail Earphones

Slug and Snail Earphones

Creative earphones designed by Klara Pernicova look like slugs and snails.

Eye-catching slug and snail earphones come in various colors / designs.

Slugs and snails will play beautiful music and sing into your ear.

Snail Headphones

Klara Pernicova

Slug Earphones

Slug Earphones

Snail Earphones

Snail Earphones

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  1. Dominic

    Get that away from me!

  2. sgh

    so ugly!!!!
    annoying antennas!!!!!!!
    un soft skin O_O

  3. Sophia

    I know that they are not real snails but still…eww.

  4. m

    freaky stuff

  5. Spinky

    Aw, it’s like it’s crawling into your ear or giving it a kiss! Cute!

  6. John

    Reminds me of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982).

  7. claudia

    how do i buy this

  8. amina

    where may i buy it????

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